An Unexplainable Event

Detective Aston walked into the Captains office shut the door and sat down. He was holding two manila envelopes. His face was pale and he was perspiring lightly.

“Captain, you know that guy we found in a studio with the body of a woman?”

“You mean the freak who dismembered a girl with his bare hands?”

“Yeah, well, we don’t know that it happened that way. He was close to catatonic when we found him. There were no weapons in the studio. He was sent for psychiatric assessment.”

“Yeah, okay. Have they reached a conclusion on that yet?”

Detective Aston shifted in his seat and put the envelopes on the Captain’s desk. “Two reports here. One is the psychiatric report the other is the coroner’s report.”

“On the girl?”

“No, on the unidentified male. He’s dead Captain.”

“Dead? What happened to him?”

“Perhaps you should read the reports.”

“Summarize them for me. I’ll read them later.”

Aston grimaced and cleared his throat. “It doesn’t make any sense. When they got him to the hospital for observation he was coming back around. He began babbling once they got him in a room but no one could understand a word of it. Sounded like nonsense. They recorded some of it and ran it through a computer program to see if it had any meaning. Turns out he was speaking ancient Sumerian.”

Captain Collins frowned but said nothing. Aston continued.

“They found a pentagram on the floor of the studio between him and the parts of the girl. It had been burned into the floor, no one can figure out how.”

Collins stopped him. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Well, things got even more strange as they continued to try to reach him to find out what happened. He began pointing to a corner of the room. His eyes would bug out and he would start screaming. There was nothing there. They even went and stood in the place he was pointing to, but he just kept babbling and pointing at the corner.”

“He was seeing something?”

“That’s what seemed to be happening. He was pointing and shouting the word Lilu.”

“What’s that?”

“Supposed to have been some sort of horrible Babylonian demon.”

“So the guy was trying to shift the blame. He wanted them to believe he didn’t do it, some demon did.”

“Well, here’s the thing Captain, he’s dead now.”

“How did he die?”

“They kept trying to get him to make sense. They gave him a shot and kept watch over him but long after he should have been calming down he was still agitated and babbling in Sumerian. Worse, he was still pointing and calling out the demon’s name.”

“Go on.”

“They put him in a padded room and went off the discuss what to do next. It didn’t make sense that he could have ripped that poor girl apart. The guy weighed around a hundred pounds and he had no muscle definition. It just didn’t add up.”

“Crazy people are capable of amazing things.”

“Yeah, I guess Captain. When they went back to check on him they found him dead”

“What did he die of?”

Aston shifted in his seat and wouldn’t look the Captain in the face. “Captain, he was in a locked room and only the psychiatrist in charge had the key. The psychiatrist was in a meeting with his aides the whole time. When they got back to the room they found him torn to pieces.”


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