A Good Man

Glancing at his watch Bob saw he was he was right on time for his meeting with Steve. He turned the corner and was approaching the café when he saw Bob escorting an elderly woman across the busy intersection. He watched him make sure she was well on her way and then trot back across the street.

Steve saw his friends grin and head shake as he approached. “What?”

“Nothing Steve. Still the good scout as always I see.”

Steve smiled. “You could do with a little compassion my friend.”

“Gee, where have I heard that before? Anyway, shall we have some lunch?”

They took a table on the sidewalk since the weather was so pleasant. The waiter brought menus and they chatted while they considered their options.

“So what else have you been doing with your time besides helping old ladies across the street?”

“Wait till you hear, I’ve signed up with a new organization that helps homeless people get back into society. We get them counselling and use our networking resources to get them skills training and then place them in jobs.”

Bob rolled his eyes. “Damn Steve, you’re more and more into this stuff all the time. Don’t you ever do anything for yourself?”

“It is for myself, Bob. It helps me become a better person.”

“Well, at the rate you’re going you’re be up for sainthood in no time.”

Steve put his menu down and fixed Bob with a look. “You know Bob, you just might like it if you gave it a try. Just open up your heart a little, let some joy in.”

Bob put his menu aside. “I think I’ll get a lot of joy out of a steak sandwich and some fries and my heart will be just fine.”

Steve shook his head and called the waiter over so they could order. They were just finishing their meals when Bob saw a man coming towards them staggering from side to side and clutching at his chest as though he were in pain. He stood up and stepped toward just as the man fell towards him, grabbing his arm and taking him down.

He seemed to be having trouble breathing and Steve got out of his grasp and onto his knees beside him. Bob watched the whole scene in amazement. Steve bent over the man.

“Are you alright sir, do you want me to call an ambulance?”

The man grabbed at him and pulled his face down and looked at him with wild eyes. “I…I feel like my chest is going to explode. Just let me breath for a minute.”

He let go of Steve and closed his eyes momentarily and then seemed to relax. He motioned for Steve to help him sit up and then he nodded his head and smiled.

“It’s passing now. I just forgot to take my nitro-glycerine pill. Can you give me a glass of water?”

Steve went and got some water from the table as the man stood up and popped a pill in his mouth. He drank the water and looked at Steve with gratitude.

“Thank you so much for your help. You have no idea what you’ve given me. God bless you son.”

As he walked away Steve told him to take care and then sat down. Bob stared at him.

“What? Couldn’t you see the man was in distress? I just did what needed doing.”

“Yeah, buddy. Just like always. Anyway, I’ve got to get going. Whose turn is it to pay?”

“It’s mine. You can go ahead, I’ll just pay the bill and get going too. See you Saturday?”

“Sure thing, you good Samaritan, you.”

Bob headed off and Steve called the waiter over and asked for the check. He reached into his pocket for his wallet only to discover it wasn’t there. He looked under the table and under his seat and wondered what could have happened to it.


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