The Visitor

Awakened from a disturbing dream, Susan sat up in bed and slowly realized there was a persistent noise coming from the window. Rubbing her eyes, she looked over and saw a large insect that appeared to be tapping to get her attention. Deciding she must still be dreaming she lay back down and closed her eyes, but the noise continued, and when she looked again, not only was the insect tapping, but also it somehow had an annoyed look about it.

Cautiously she got up and went to the window and peered at the intruder. She had never seen anything like it before. It had four feet and four arms, for lack of anything better to call them, and a flattened head with enormous eyes protruding from either side. As if an insect tapping on her bedroom window wasn’t strange enough, it now seemed to trying to talk to her. That is, its mouth was moving in such a way that seemed to indicate speech. Backing up and dropping down on the bed, she pinched herself to see if she was, in fact, still dreaming. She wasn’t.

Deciding it was time to get up anyway, Susan took a shower and got dressed, trying to put the strange incident out of her mind, but when she came out of the closet, there it was, still tapping and appearing to attempt communication. Hesitantly, she went back to the window and looked more closely. It was large, but didn’t seem very threatening. It was just sitting there on a leaf cluster close to the window, tapping away. Not really knowing why she was doing it, she slowly opened the window. The creature immediately flew into the room, landing on her nightstand. Pulling itself up to its full height it bowed in her direction and began moving it’s mandibles again. Susan jumped as she began hearing a voice in her head.

“Greetings. Thank you very much for inviting me into your home. I was beginning to despair of you understanding me.”

Her mouth was working, but no sound came from it for a moment. She gulped and tried again. “You…you’re talking to me. How…?”

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Urvenius. I am from a galaxy many light years from yours. You would be most frightened of my true form, so I’ve taken this one, as it seems something your kind would not be alarmed by. We are much smaller in stature than your species, so I could not take a form similar to your own.”

Hyperventilating now, Susan sat down on the corner of the bed furthest from the creature. “This can’t be happening. An alien in the form of an insect is in my bedroom. No, it’s not possible.” She was speaking to herself, but the alien being tilted it’s head an regarded her thoughtfully.

“I can understand your disorientation, and I don’t wish to alarm you, but there are many, many species in the universe. Did you really think you were alone?”

“Well…I guess I never really thought about it.” She was coming to terms now, beginning to accept the bizarre situation. “What is it you want?”

The creature hopped onto the bed and took a few steps toward her. Cringing, Susan tried to damp down her fear.

“Please don’t be alarmed. We are exploring new worlds. We wish to get to know species that haven’t had full contact with others yet.”

“We? How many are you?”

“It’s not really important. You might say we’re a team of scientists collecting data. I do wish I knew what I need to do to gain your trust.”

Susan was aghast, but attempted to calm herself. “Well, I…This is just all so strange…”

The creature moved closer. “Please, don’t be frightened. Perhaps if you would let me sit on your hand for a moment you would feel more at ease.”

“And just why would I do that? Or more to the point, why do you want to sit on my hand?”

“I can learn about you through your skin, you see? It merely speeds up the process. We can communicate better that way.” It looked at her expectantly.

Cautiously, Susan put her hand on the bed palm side up. I must be mad, she thought to herself.

The creature hopped on and again bowed to her. “I wish to thank you so very much for agreeing to this inquiry. I believe I shall enjoy you a lot.”

As Susan tried to grasp the meaning of what the alien had just said it opened it’s maw and revealed a pair of fangs of alarming proportions, which it quickly sank into her thumb. Before she could let out a scream she felt her blood run cold and all of her energy quickly drained as she slumped backward onto the bed. Within seconds she was paralysed and her heart rate had slowed to nearly nothing.

The creature moved up her body until it was sitting on her chest and looked into her eyes. “I suppose I didn’t exactly tell you the truth. We’re not really a team of scientists. The food supply in our world is dwindling, and we’ve actually been sent to, shall we say, harvest from your world and a few others. You will be a source of nourishment for many more than you can imagine. Unfortunately for you, we require you to be alive while you are being consumed. My apologies.”


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  1. nice picture n story

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