Commitment For The Committed

Jared was nervous. It was, after all, a momentous thing to do. One did not enter into marriage on a whim. Well, most didn’t at any rate. As he moved around the hall he experienced the gamut of emotions. Some wished him well. Some smiled. Some gave him odd looks he couldn’t fathom. A few were open in their hostility.

Jared let it all go by. He had made up his mind. He was going to make the commitment, though that was a word he tried to avoid for the most part. It had been an uphill battle dealing with those whose approval was necessary, but in the end all the obstacles had dissolved and now the big day had arrived. Jared was over the moon.

Well, there was that small niggle at the back of his mind but that was natural wasn’t it? He couldn’t eat he was so nervous. As the hours passed he spent much time pacing and looking at the clock.

At long last the time came for him to dress. He laid out his clothes on the bed, took a shower and then began getting ready. At last he moved to the mirror and looked at his reflection. He heaved a sigh of relief that he looked wonderful.

Arriving at the chapel he walked in and took in the scene. All of the guests were there. They hadn’t bothered dressing properly but he refused to be annoyed. He walked down the aisle and stood before the minister who looked embarrassed. The minister looked to Dr. Peterson standing off to one side and was given the final nod.

Calling for silence from the guests who had erupted into a low buzz the minister began the ceremony.

“Friends, we are gathered here to join Jared in…well, matrimony with himself. Before I begin is there anyone here who knows any reason why this ceremony should not take place?”

A deafening silence fell over the room, which held its collective breath. Jared began to tremble and then began bawling for all he was worth. He put his hands over his face for a moment and then threw his hands in the air.

“All right, all right damn it! I’m not ready. There, I’ve said it. I just can’t do it. I feel so worthless!”

Dr. Peterson was at his side quick smart leading him out of the chapel.

“There, there, Jared. It will be all right. You gave it a try.”

He turned to one of the orderlies as he walked Jared back to his room. “Get me 10mgs of haloperidol and 2mgs of lorazepam stat.”

As the orderly went to prepare the syringe the other patients stood around shaking their heads.

“I told you he’d chicken out.”

“Like you’ve got room to talk, you can’t even get to sleep without a night light!”

“Hey, there’s a clown under my bed just waiting to eat me when I fall asleep! The light is the only thing stopping him!”

The minister went back to his office, relieved that the farce was over as the rest of the orderlies sent the patients back to their wards.

12 responses to “Commitment For The Committed

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