The Jynx – Part 3

It was the last day of his holiday and Brent was determined to make the most of it. He put the old woman out of his mind and spent the afternoon at the beach swimming and working on his tan. He had a nice lunch at one of the cafes in town and then went back to his room and took a nap. He wanted to be fresh for one last night of intense revelry before he headed home.

Walking back to Patong Beach he grabbed some street food for dinner and then headed for his favourite club to start the evening. The working girls were out in force, it being a fine cool evening and Saturday as well. Brent noticed lots of newcomers in the crowd of tourists cruising the streets and some of the women were looking fine. The evening promised to be something special.

The next morning the alarm went off far too early for Brent’s liking and he dragged himself into the shower and then went downstairs for a massive injection of hot strong coffee and a light breakfast. By the time he was done packing he needed to call a taxi to get to the airport on time.

The flight home was uneventful and he was grateful for the change in the weather that being back in Auckland brought. When he arrived at long-term parking to fetch his car he found his windscreen covered in bird droppings. Annoyed, he got in and used up the water in the wiper reservoir getting the screen clean enough to drive.

When he got home he called some friends and invited them over for pizza and beer. Sam, Evan and Lisa all arrived at 7 and pizza was duly ordered and beers cracked.

“Hey, where’s Bill, didn’t you say he was coming?” Evan and Bill were close friends.

“Yeah, he’ll be here.”

Brent’s phone rang. “Hello.”

“Hey, Brent, Bill here. Listen mate, I’ve just been in an accident. Some guy ran a stop sign. I’m okay but my car is pretty trashed. Gonna have get all this sorted. Glad you’re back, well catch up later.”

Brent hung up and looked at the others. “Damn, Bill’s been in an accident. He’s fine, but his car’s screwed.”

It put a dent in the evening but they carried on. Brent gave them the highlights of his trip, including how he and Som had become friends.

“Yeah, the little bugger tried to lift my wallet. What are you gonna do? I ended up buying him and ice cream.”

Lisa was impressed. “That’s so sweet Brent.”

The guys gave him grief about being sweet and Lisa rolled her eyes. She got up and headed for the fridge.

“Anyone else ready for a fresh one?”

Hands went up all around and she got four beers out and opened them. On her way back to the living room she failed to notice a stray electrical cord and tripped. She went face down onto the floor and beer went flying everywhere. The guys jumped up in shock and were picking up the beer when Lisa started moaning.

“Shit, I think I broke my ankle. Hurts like hell.”

Brent went over and had a look as the others stared. “Damn, Lisa, I think you’re right. It’s really swelling. We better get you to emergency.”

The party was abruptly over. Sam and Even said their goodbyes and wished Lisa a speedy recovery and Brent drove her to the emergency and then home. He felt bad about how things had turned out his first day back. Two incredible instances of bad luck at once.

As he was getting ready for bed he heard a scrapping sound on the sill of his bedroom window. The window was open a crack and he went to see what was going on. As he pulled back the curtain a bird screeched at him and flew off into the night. He felt a chill run through him. He closed the window and went to bed.

Part 4 Tomorrow


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