The Jynx – Part 6

“What do you mean Sam? Why doesn’t it matter?”

“She very powerful witch. Everyone afraid of her. She put hex on you, it don’t matter, bad things happen. What is happening to you mister Brent? What she do?”

Brent told him the events that had transpired since he had returned home. Som listened and then shook his head.

“Very bad. Things will keep happening to those you care about until she lift the spell.”

Brent couldn’t believe he was buying into all of what he was hearing. If he hadn’t experienced the things he had he would have laughed it off.

“How can I get the spell lifted Sam? What do I have to do? Is it because I pushed her in the alley? Does she want me to apologize?”

Som shook his head. “No, I don’t think it was that. What happen before you push her?”

“She was in front of me. She held out her hand. I didn’t want to give her any money.”

“No, she not want money. Witches don’t need. She want something you have. She wanted you to give it to her.”

Brent scratched his head. “What could she want from me? She doesn’t even know me.”

Som shrugged his shoulders. “You have something she want.” He looked pensive for a moment. “I know someone who can maybe help. I take you there.”

They walked a long ways out of town along a dirt road until they came to a place with several wooden shacks set back in the woods. Som led him to one of them and told him to wait while he went inside. He came back out a short time later and motioned for Brent to come inside.

Brent entered and found himself in a small room clouded by incense. The smell was almost more than he could bear and he could hardly see through all the smoke. Strange pictures lined the walls and a shrine of some sort sat in one corner, the incense burner in front of it loaded with burning sticks. Near one wall was a low table and behind it sat a wizened old man smoking a long thin pipe and staring at him intently.

Som bowed to the old man and Brent followed his lead. The old man nodded and they sat cross-legged on a grass mat in front of the table. Som looked at Brent and then began speaking to the old man in Thai. He went on at length and the old man sat smoking and staring off into space. At last he stopped and they all sat in silence.

Just when Brent was beginning to wonder if anything was going to happen the old man put his pipe down, scratched his chin and began speaking. Som seemed to be taking it all in, occasionally nodding his head and rocking back and forth. When at last the old man was done he turned to Brent.

“He says he knows this witch that hexed you. She is a very powerful sorcerer who lost a magic talisman not long ago and she wants it back. She think you have it. He say you must have gotten somehow without knowing. If you let him he can find out what it is.”

“How can he do that?”

“He is also a sorcerer, but he only do good. He can cast spell that will let him see into your mind. Find out what it is she wants from you.”

Brent was bewildered but assured Som that anything that could be done to make the bad luck go away was fine. He spoke to the old man and received a nod in response. The old man stood and placed his hand on Brent’s head; closed h is eyes and began an incantation. He then went to the back of the shrine and brought out a cup and various powders. He poured some of each in the cup, added a foul smelling liquid and gave it to Brent.

Brent sniffed it and made a face. Som urged his to drink and with reluctance he raised the cup to his lips and drank.

Part 7 Tomorrow


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