The Jynx – Part 7

The next thing Brent was aware of was lying on the floor of the smoky room looking up into the faces of Som and the old man. Som helped him to a sitting position. He felt light-headed and there was a bad taste in his mouth. It came back to him all at once.

“What the hell was that stuff? Did it knock me out?”

“He give you something to put you in a trance. He can only see into your mind while it is still. He see all the things you did on your holiday. He know now what you have that the witch wants. I’m so sorry mister Brent. It was my fault. I didn’t know.”

“What’s your fault?”

“You remember when you met me? I try to take your wallet.”

“Yeah, so?”

“You bought me ice cream. I gave you something because we become friends. You remember?”

Brent thought back to the day he met Som. “Oh yeah, that crystal. What did I do with that…I forgot all about it.”

Som looked at the old man. “He say crystal is powerful black magic. You must have had in your pocket that night. That what she wanted from you.”

“Well great. I remember putting in my suitcase. It must still be there. I’ll just get it, find her and give it to her and then she’ll lift the hex, yeah?”

Som looked at the old man again and then shook his head. “No mister Brent. He say you can’t give to her. It is source of her power. She will do much evil with it.”

“Well what about the hex? What can I do to get it lifted?”

Som spoke to the old man and then listened. “He say crystal must be destroyed. Then hex will be gone.”

“Well okay, then we’ll smash it. By the way, if it belongs to her how did you get it?”

Som looked at the floor and then back up with a sheepish smile. “I took it from someone. I didn’t know what it was. She must have lost it and then…well, you know.”

“Great. Well, so we just destroy it and that’s that?”

The old man spoke again.

“He say crystal can’t be broken. Only one way to destroy. She must hold it in her hand, then can be destroyed with right magic.”

Brent’s hopes of a quick, easy fix were dashed. “Great. So what’s this magic that can destroy it while it’s in her hand?”

Som asked the old man and he brought a small vial of liquid from out of his sleeve and handed it to Brent.

“What is this?”

“Big magic mister Brent. He say crystal will dissolve if pour this on it while in her hand. Her power is tied in with crystal. It will disappear and your hex too. Only way. I’m so sorry.”

Brent closed his eyes and wished he’d never come to this place for a holiday. “Okay, so how do I find this witch and make this thing happen?”

“You must get the crystal and have it with you and go back to where you saw her. She will come if you have the crystal. She will know.” Som’s tone was serious and he looked worried. “This very dangerous mister Brent. You must let me do this with you. I gave you the crystal. It’s my fault.”

Brent put his hand on Som’s shoulder. “It’s okay Sam, you didn’t know. I should do this alone, I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“No mister Brent. She only speak Thai, you can’t talk to her, I can. We must be careful. She very powerful. She do bad things is she know what we are up to. We must make her think you only want hex lifted.”

Brent thought it over and relented. “Okay little man, it’s you and me then. Well do it tonight.”

Part 8 Tomorrow

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