The Jynx – Part 8

They walked back to Patong Beach together and made arrangements to meet at eight. After discussing how to go about things they split up and Brent went back to his room to find the crystal. It was right where he’d left it in a side pocket of his suitcase. He took it out and looked at it by the light of the window. It seemed to be an ordinary quartz crystal. He turned it to various angles in the sunlight but could find nothing unusual about it. He put it in his pocket and sat down to think.

He didn’t feel good about involving Som in what needed to be done. Too, he had to wonder if the old man knew what he was doing. He had no way of being certain whatever was in the vial would have the desired effect. If the witch suspected anything was amiss what would she do?

He decided worrying wasn’t going to get him anywhere and headed down to the street to clear his head. Once he got there he realized he was thirsty. It was time for a beer. One beer led to another and after awhile he no longer cared about what was to come. They would face the witch together and take whatever came.

When he finally looked at his watch it was seven-thirty. He felt trepidation creeping in but fought it down and ordered one last beer. When it was gone he headed out to meet up with Som.

He walked up the street and saw Som waiting for him near the alley. When he got there Som smiled.

“Oh mister Brent, you been drinking some courage, eh?”

“Just a few Sam. So are we ready to do this thing?”

“You have crystal and magic?”

“Yeah, they’re both ready.” He fingered the vial of liquid in his pocket. It was sealed with a cork and he only needed to flip the cork off with his thumb and bring it out and pour it.

Som nodded and they walked into the alley together. Darkness was just beginning to descend and there were long shadows on the walls of the alley that took on a sinister quality in Brent’s mind. They walked to the place he had first seen her and looked at the doorway where she had stood. There was nothing there.

“What do we do now?” Brent whispered.

“Just wait. She come.”

Brent ‘s eyes were darting everywhere. As they listened and watched a breeze came up and then a mournful whispering sound could be heard all around them. Brent looked at Som and Som put his finger to his lips before Brent could speak.

Brent felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. His nightmare came back to him in vivid detail and he knew the witch was nearby. The shadows on the walls began to move, creating patterns that danced and swirled. Again he started to speak but Som grabbed his arm and shook his head in warning.

The hour of the witch was upon them.

Tomorrow, Part 9 – The End


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