The Testament

A new extreme flash fiction story today. Flash fiction for those not in the know is a story of 1,000 words or less. Extreme flash fiction is a story of 300 words or less. It is the most difficult type of story to do well. Today’s offering is exactly 300 words.


Dutch checked the address he had been given one more time then crossed the street and entered the apartment building. He took the stairs to the third floor and walked quietly to 3-C.

His ear against the door he listened for several seconds. Classical music was playing soft but he could detect no other sound. He got out his lock picks and had the door unlocked in less than thirty seconds.

He slipped on his gloves. Right hand in his coat pocket holding his gun, left hand turning the doorknob he entered and closed the door behind him. He crept along the hall until he could see into the living room. He took in the entire scene then walked over to the side table next to the elegant wing chair and picked up the tape recorder lying there. He hit the play button.

Hello. You’ll have to forgive my means of communicating with you. You see I knew you were coming and I really did consider letting things take the course your employer intended, but I decided against it. Nothing personal. I hope you understand.

I accept full responsibility for my actions in regards to Albert. I do hope you’ll convey that to him on my behalf. I won’t bore you with the reasons why I embezzled the money. You came here to do a job and nothing more. Fair enough.

I do hope Albert will see his way clear to paying you for the job he sent you to do. You have, after all, arrived here in good faith. Do close the door on your way out, won’t you?

Dutch slipped the tape recorder into his pocket, reached down and closed the dead man’s eyes with two fingers and then shut the door behind him on his way out.


2 responses to “The Testament

  1. monica mclaughlin

    Short and sweet– I mean clever! Well done. I read it twice.

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