Shelter From The Storm – Part 6

Putting down his knife and fork he cleared his throat and gave her an innocent look. “I’m sorry Maude, I meant no offence. I just wanted to get to know you better.”

She eyed him a bit longer then relaxed. “I don’t see my friends very often. They don’t come to my home. We have a, well, a club I suppose you could call it. We have meetings once a month or so.” She waved her hand in dismissal and smiled.

Jeremy shrugged and finished his dinner. An awkward silence hung in the air between them. He could tell she was trying to figure out why he had asked her about her friends. He got up and began clearing the table.

“I’ll do the dishes, you go relax Maude.”

“Such a good boy. Thank you Jeremy.”

When he was done he headed for his room. On the way he noticed the phone cord trailing across the floor. She had taken the phone into her bedroom and closed the door. His curiosity got the better of him and he walked over and put his ear against the door.

“…Yes, of course…I know, I’m perfectly aware of the time…well then tell the others I think we should, opportunities like this are rare…don’t worry, I’ll make it happen, just be ready.”

He heard her hang up and he moved quickly to his room and lay down on the bed and picked up a magazine just as she came out of her room. She stood in the doorway looking at him and then gave him a big smile.

“Jeremy dear, I’m sorry if I was a bit harsh with you earlier.”

She came in and sat down on the edge of the bed and seemed to consider what she wanted to say next.

“You see, I’m actually a rather private person. I’m so enjoying your company but in general I don’t socialize much. I’m rather set in my ways I’m afraid. I hope you understand.”

“Sure, not to worry. I didn’t mean to pry. I just wondered what you like to do.”

“Okay well I’m glad we talked. I think I’ll turn in now I’m rather tired. I’ll see you in the morning.”

He lay there thinking about the dinner conversation for some time. She had been evasive which didn’t surprise him but was it because she was a private person or because she didn’t want him to know that she was involved with witchcraft? Could be both he decided.

He couldn’t stop thinking about what he had seen in the cabinet. He wanted to have a closer look but he had to admit he was afraid. He thought about it some more and decided he wouldn’t be satisfied until he had another look. He crept out into the hall and had a quick listen at her door. She was snoring.

In to the living room and he reached under the cabinet and retrieved the key and opened the doors. He picked up the ritual objects one by one and examined them and then put them back just as he had found them. He then turned his attention to the books. They all concerned witchcraft or Majik as some of them called it. At last he picked up the slim volume on human sacrifice and opened it.

He read with fascination the incantations and necessary preparations for the act itself. There was so much involved. Over and over it was stressed that the one to be sacrificed must be unaware of what was to happen to them until the exact time of the ceremony, which was always performed at the full moon.

Satisfied, he put the book back in its place and closed and locked the cabinet and returned the key to its hiding place. He went off to bed and fell into a fitful sleep. Half an hour later Maude came out of her room and went to the living room and stared at the cabinet for a long moment then reached underneath and removed the key and returned to her room.

Part 7 Tomorrow


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