Tying Up Loose Ends

Marcus fixed Roy with a hard look. “Now look, I’m not expecting you to take a full-on beating over this. Hell, I’m not paying you enough for that, but you gotta take a few punches to make it look good.”

“Yeah, no problem Marcus. I mean, hell, I wouldn’t be doin’ this but I need the dough. I’ll make it convincing.”

“Good. They should be here any time now, I put out the word on the street this morning that you might know something.”

Ten minutes later they heard the sound of tires on the gravel. Marcus went and hid. Roy steeled himself for what was to come.

They kicked the door of the garage in and had him tied to a chair in less than two minutes. Eddy was grinning at him, as his two goons stood over him ready to throw him a beating.

“So, Roy is it? You know why we’re here?”

“No. Who are you guys?”

One of the goons punched him in the breadbasket so hard he had trouble breathing.

“I ask the questions Roy. You answer them. Now then, where is Marcus Forbes?”

“Marcus? I don’t know. He’s in some kind of trouble.”

A right hook to the jaw and his head snapped backwards.

“You’re a little slow Roy. I’ll ask again, where is Marcus?”

“Look, I’m tellin’ ya, I don’t – “

This time blood was flowing from his nose in copious quantities. The goon was about to unload on him again when he spoke.

“Okay, stop. I don’t wanna get involved, you know? I knew he ripped you guys off. Thing is, you’re not the only ones. He had gambling debts. He called me the other day asking for money. Said they were looking for him. I wanted to help but I couldn’t. I got a call from somebody; I didn’t recognize the voice. Said they’d dumped his body in the bay.”

“Oh yeah? What makes you think it’s true?”

“Because I know where Marcus was hiding out. He ain’t there no more.”

Eddy cursed a blue streak. “That son of a bitch. If I find his body I’m gonna kill him again, cut him into little pieces and feed him to my dogs. Wait a minute, why’d they call you?”

Roy hung his head. “Because I owe money too. It was a warning.”

Eddy kicked his chair over and pulled his pistol and put it to Roy’s head.

“I oughta blow your brains out.”

“What? I ain’t done nothing to you Eddy, I swear.”

Eddy spit on him and put his gun away. “C’mon boys, lets go.”

Marcus came out of hiding and looked at Roy’s face. “Damn, they really did a number on you Roy. Did they buy the story?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure they did. What a fuckhead Eddy is, eh?”

“Yeah, he’s a piece of work Roy. He’ll get his some day.”

“Okay, well would you set me upright and untie me now? The rope is really cutting into my wrists.”

Marcus crouched down. “I wish I could Roy, I really do. Thing is, they might come back and see you again, or you might say the wrong thing at the wrong time to somebody else, you know? I gotta disappear, but I need to know there won’t be anybody looking for me.”

Roy’s eyes were wide as saucers. “Marcus, no! We’re buddies, man. We’re – “

Marcus took out his gun and put two in Roy’s head and one in his heart.

“Sorry, buddy. Just had to tie up loose ends.”

He went over the to till and took the money and was gone.


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