A Visit From God – Part 1

The day that a being appeared at the right elbow of the Secretary General of the United Nations a silence fell over the assembly such as had never occurred before. To say that one could hear the proverbial pin drop would be an understatement. For his part the Secretary General was wondering what had caused such a momentous event. Then he heard the sound of a throat being cleared just behind and to the right of him.

By the time he turned to face the intruder two things happened simultaneously. The chamber erupted in a cacophony of shouted confusion and the armed security guards drew their weapons and rushed the podium. The former was business as usual; the latter was completely ineffective as the guards became as immobile as statues before they came within ten feet of the intruder.

The Secretary General stared in disbelief. The intruder smiled and told him to take a seat. He then commandeered the podium and put a finger to his lips. The Assembly returned to dead silence at once. The intruder beamed at them, cleared his throat once more and then spoke.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Esteemed members of the United Nations General Assembly, allow me to introduce myself. I am your creator. I believe the word most commonly used to refer to me is God.”

Once again the assembly erupted in bedlam. The United States representative and those of the middle-eastern states were especially apoplectic. The intruder raised a finger to his lips again and order was again established. At this the members looked at each other seeking to understand how this intruder was able to cause them to shut up. No answer was forthcoming. Many began staring at the security guards, their guns poised in mid air, their bodies frozen in the positions they were in when they were halted.

Noticing the attention being paid to them the intruder snapped his fingers and the guards collapsed to the floor, then sat up and looked around in a dazed manner. The intruder paid them no further attention.

“Now then, I suppose you’re all wondering why I’ve appeared here. It seemed the logical place to address the representatives of the majority of humanity. I’ve come here to make some observations about the state of my creations. You will maintain silence until I instruct you to do otherwise. This is not a request; it is a statement of fact. As you’ve seen in the case of the guards I can do whatever I like. I am, after all, God.”

The member from Albania rose to his feet. “This is blasphemy! You cannot – “ His hands flew to his throat as he began gasping for air and he was soon flailing about. The intruder watched for several seconds then waved his hand in the air and then watched the man collapse into his seat.

“That was a warning. If any of you speak again until I tell you to I will strike that person dead. Do I make myself clear?”

Much head nodding ensued. No on spoke a word. The intruder nodded his satisfaction and continued.

“Now then, where was I? Oh yes, I’ve come here today to make some observations and to instruct you on how I want you to proceed henceforth. I know what you’re thinking, why now after all these millennia and not before? I’m not going to answer that. You don’t need the distraction. I want my words to go out to as much of humanity as possible. To that end I will appear on all of the mass media you possess simultaneously so that everyone can hear me. So then, let’s get started.”

Part 2 Tomorrow


One response to “A Visit From God – Part 1

  1. Haha! Now this one I can’t wait to unfold!

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