No Love Lost – Part 1

Leighton Alexander Cabot had no use whatsoever for Landon James Cabot. If there was one thing in this world he was certain of it was that. In fact, it would not be amiss to say that he loathed his brother. As he, Leighton Alexander Cabot sat contemplating this very fact he came to a conclusion, and that conclusion was that Landon would not be sharing in the inheritance that had abruptly become available. It would not do. He did not deserve it.

So it was that Leighton set a path to make himself the only heir of his mother’s considerable fortune. Dear mother had passed away the previous day of a most unfortunate massive stroke, and while he was acutely aware that it was gauche to be contemplating the demise of his brother at such a time he didn’t give a toss. Leighton Alexander Cabot was of a decidedly practical some might say mercenary bent.

As he set his not inconsiderable mental skills to the task of doubling his inheritance he idly wrote down all the reasons he hated his brother. When the list was done it ran to three pages. Before he had finished he had hit on what he considered a brilliant plan. The plan involved a bit of risk to his person but he was willing to take that risk with such a handsome and well-deserved reward in sight.

Among the things he detested about his brother was his penchant for consorting with criminal types. Some sort of cheap thrills such as yokels might get from wrestling with pigs Leighton supposed. Landon tried to keep his proclivities a secret but Leighton had long ago hired a private detective to find out what his brother got up to in idle time, which was to say every day.

So it was that he knew the names and regular haunts of Landon’s associates and the fact that the leader of these miscreants held high stakes poker games every Wednesday night. He also knew where and the appointed hours. As well knew that his brother would not be attending the game on the following Wednesday due to a date he had made with some floozy of his acquaintance.

The plan was simple. He would rob the establishment in question. The players all being people who knew Landon he need only do or say something that would tip them that it was Landon robbing them. He would wear a balaclava to cover his face. Landon wore a tacky bracelet on his left wrist that was easily identifiable. He need only acquire one identical and wear it to the robbery and Landon would be a marked man.

He poured himself a glass of wine and put on some background music then sat down to relish the details of his plan. By this time next month he would be a very wealthy man. He got on the web and began surfing travel sites for ideas about where to visit. He could well afford any destination that took his fancy.

As he finished his wine the doorbell rang. Not expecting anyone he ignored it but the caller was persistent. He went to the door.

Part 2 Tomorrow


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