No Love Lost – Part 2 – The End

“Landon. What are you doing here?”

“Always nice to see to too brother. I was in the neighbourhood and decided I’d drop in and ask you if had plans for Wednesday night.”

“Wednesday night? Yes, as a matter of fact I have. I thought you had a date?”

“I do. She has a friend, wants to make it a double. Thought of you.” Landon perused the room as Leighton went to the kitchen to put his wine glass in the sink.

When he returned he had a sneer on his face. “Do you really think I’d be seen with one of your harlots?”

Landon rolled his eyes. “Never mind then. I’ll be off.”

Leighton shuddered as he closed the door. Strange that he would ask me to double date with him he thought. We never socialize together when it can be avoided. He returned to the computer for a while then tided up before going to bed. He noticed his list of reasons was gone from the table. So the little shit had seen it and absconded with it. Well, there was nothing on it that would come as a surprise to him. No matter then.

On the night of the game he drove to the house and parked out front. He took the gun he had purchased in the seedy part of town out of the glove box and checked the chambers. Satisfied that all was in order he went up the stairs and peeked down the hall. Some thug was guarding the door but he had expected that. He put the rolled up balaclava on his head and walked up to the guard and gave him a smile.

“Am I late for the game?”

“Who the hell are you?”

He put his gun in the man’s face as he pulled the balaclava down.

The guard opened the door and Leighton shoved him inside and forced all of the players to take out their weapons and put them in the bag he had brought. He then took all the money and fled.

His heart was pounding as he jumped in his car and raced away. That had been more even more exhilarating than he had imagined. He headed home sure that before the night was over Landon would be no more.

Back at the card game the mobsters couldn’t believe what had just happened. One of them took out his phone and called the boss.

“Yeah boss we got hit. You’re not going to believe this but it was Landon. What? Because the idiot was wearing that stupid bracelet. Forgot to take it off I guess.”

William glanced at the person opposite him and grunted. “Okay, sit tight, I’ll call you right back.”

He put his phone away and took a sip of whiskey. “Ladies, would you excuse us for a minute? We need to talk. Go powder your noses.”

He waited until they were gone. “Landon, what was that you were saying about your brother bad mouthing you?”

“Oh that. Here, let me show you this.” He took out the three pages of hatred and handed them over to the boss. “Why do you ask?”

William read the pages and put them down. “What’s his address?”

The End


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