Downtown At The Train Station – Part 1

Goddamn Sundays Leon thought as he flicked his cigarette butt into the gutter. Sunday was always slow. A man could hardly make a buck. He took a look up north and south, snorted his disgust and went back to his post near the entrance to the train station. He opened his trench coat and checked to see that his merchandise was secure then leaned against his favourite lamppost and waited.

Growing more bored by the minute he was about to head down the street for a cup of coffee when he spied a possible mark coming his way. He eyed up the bunny for a quick assessment. $800 suit, nice shoes, hand painted silk tie, but the haircut screamed Midwest yokel. Oh yeah, this dude had some money but he was from out of town and probably not hip to the ways of the world. Just the kind of guy he liked to meet. Sunday was looking up.

He watched him veer toward the revolving doors and sidled up to him before he got there.

“Hey man, check it out. Rolex watches. The real deal.”

He opened his trench coat and flashed his wares. The mark stared at the watches and his eyebrows went up.

“Wow, those are nice. How much?”

“$200 man. Check it out.” Leon took one of the watches out and handed it over. The mark turned it over in his hand and grinned.

“Shiny. Nice and heavy too. $200? That’s pretty cheap for a Rolex isn’t it? I’ve never shopped for one but I’m pretty sure they cost more than that.”

“Hey man, where you from? You got an accent.”

“Oh, I’m just in town on business. I’m from Canton, Ohio. I need to go talk to the station agent.” He waved his hand in the direction of the terminal.

“That’s cool. So what you think, you wanna buy a watch?”

“They sure are nice. Christmas is coming too. Um…how can you sell a Rolex for $200?”

Leon leaned in with a conspiratorial whisper. “Well you might say they, uh, fell off the back of a truck.” He gave an exaggerated wink and grinned.

“Oh. Gee, I don’t know. If they’re not legitimate…”

“Hey man, don’t worry about that. Ain’t nobody getting’ hurt or nothin’. Whatdya say?”

“Well…they sure would make nice Christmas presents for the folks back home and I guess they wouldn’t have to know…real Rolexes huh? Yeah, I guess I’d take five of them, but I have to get my money first.”

“Five? Cool man. What do you mean get your money? Where is it?”

“Well, see, I got in to town this morning and I put my luggage in a locker inside there. I hadn’t made a hotel reservation before I got here and I wanted to find someplace close by without dragging my stuff with me. All my money is in my briefcase in a locker. Trouble is, I lost the key. I called them from my hotel and they said I have to pay them $200 for a replacement. I’ve only got about $20 on me until I get them to give me a new key. I was going to use my credit card but they said it has to be cash. I was just going in to talk to them about it.”

Leon felt things getting away from him and he didn’t like it one bit.

“Shit man, can’t you just get a cash advance on your credit card?”

“It’s Sunday. No can do.”

Leon stroked his chin and looked the bunny over again. This was sounding like a scam, and if anyone knew a scam it was Leon.

Part 2 Tomorrow


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