Downtown At The Train Station – Part 2 – The End

He narrowed his eyes and got up close. “What’s your name man?”

“Alan. Alan Greenway.”

He grinned and stuck out his hand. Leon shook it and then puffed himself up.

“Look here man. I can’t be lendin’ you $200 and then havin’ you disappear on me, you know?”

“Oh, I wasn’t asking you to help me out I was just explaining the situation. However, if you could lend me $200 that would be great. Look, it’s not like I’d disappear. You can come with me to the counter. I just need to pay them and they’ll open the locker for me.”

Leon thought it over. He still didn’t like it but $1000 was on the line. He stared hard at the bunny then nodded.

“Okay man. We go inside. Here, take the money now, but I’m gonna be right beside you, dig?”

“Sure, no problem. Thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it. I’ll take five watches for sure.”

They went inside and Alan led them to the counter where a man stood watching them approach while giving Leon a disapproving look.

“May I help you sir?”

“Yes, I called earlier about having lost the key to my locker. I have the $200 and I’d like to get my luggage out.”

“I see. What was the locker number?”

Alan gave him the details and he looked on the computer.

“Yes Mr. Greenway, the matter has been logged. I’ll be right back.”

He walked into the back and was gone for several minutes. Leon was watching everything intently and still thought he smelled a rat but he waited to see what would go down. The agent came back at last.

“Mr. Greenway, you’ll need to sign a release form. I’ll just buzz you in.”

He pressed a buzzer and motioned for Alan to enter through a door on the side. Alan walked over to the door with Leon at his side.

“Sir, Mr. Greenway only. You’re not allowed in.”

“What? But he’s got…shit…whatever.”

Alan shrugged apologetically and went through the door. Leon went back to the window and watched the two of them go through a door at the back. He looked at his watch and then folded his arms and kept an eye on the door. He waited about two minutes and then decided he’d been scammed after all and ran out the front door.

When Alan and the agent were through the rear door and out of sight he took out $50 and handed to the agent.

“Thanks George. A pleasure doing business with you.”

“Yeah Frank, thanks. You better get out of here before my boss sees you. I need this job and you need me to keep it.”

Frank grinned and headed for the rear exit to the back street. He stepped through the door into the bright sunshine and was about to cross the street when he felt a pistol in his back.

“Hey there Alan, or whatever the fuck your real name is. Let’s you and me take a little walk to that alley over there.”

Frank looked over his shoulder at Leon then shrugged and started walking.

The End


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