Full Disclosure – Part 2 – The End

“How the hell did you know my husband’s name?”

“Ex-husband Susan. You’re in the midst of a divorce.”

“Oh, I see, you’re a friend of Bruce. What do you want?”

“I can assure you I am no friend of your ex-husband Susan. I know many things.”

“Such as, there are no coincidences?”

Smiling his approval he nodded. “Now then, would you like a latte?”

“No thank you. You haven’t told me what it is you want.”

“Oh, nothing in particular. As I said, I overheard the end of your conversation.”

Susan took a moment to look the exasperating stranger over. Why did he keep banging on about coincidences?

“Well then, you’ve made your point. I must be going. We’ll just have to agree to disagree about coincidences.”

He picked up his hat and placed it on his head then rose from the booth and tipped it to her as she passed. She had a thought and turned back to face him.

“If you’re no friend of my ex-husband then how is that you know his name?”

“I told you, I know many things.”

“Oh yes? What else do you know about me?”

He smiled and placed his hands behind his back. “I know you’re a curious person.”

She gave him an exasperated look. “I don’t have time for games mister…”


“Right. Sure thing. Mr. Jones. Good day.”

He watched her leave then walked outside and saw her stop into a clothing store down the street. He took out his phone and made a call. When he was done he proceeded to his next destination.

Susan dithered for more than five minutes before buying the blue cashmere sweater she had her eye on from her last visit to the shop. Screw the expense, when she was through with her no good ex-husband she’d be able to afford anything she wanted. He was loaded and soon half of it would be hers.

She was still irritated that he had somehow shown up at the market while she was there. Bruce did not do grocery shopping. Why had he been there? Oh right, coincidence. Only the stranger had been right in the sense that since he didn’t shop it couldn’t have been a coincidence. She toyed with the idea of calling him and asking but she knew he’d only give her the run around and she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

She headed for the parking garage and as she was taking her keys out of her handbag she saw mister Jones leaning against the door of her car. This day is never going to end she thought.

She walked up to him and glared. “So now you’re stalking me? Or is this just a coincidence?”

He glanced around to make sure no one else was about and then smiled. “We have business Susan.”

“What kind of business? Look, I’m not in the mood. Just go away.”

He withdrew a Walther PPK from inside his coat and calmly screwed a silencer on as he locked eyes with her.

“I told you Susan, there are no coincidences. Bruce was at the market this morning to point you out to me. You didn’t see me. Not until I chose for you to. It seems Bruce isn’t willing to share his fortune with you. By the way, this is called full disclosure. I make it a point to do that.”

He pointed the gun at her heart. “Just a mugging gone wrong. That’s how the police will see it.”

Her eyes widened and for the third time that day she opened her mouth to scream.

He pumped two shots into her and grabbed her bag as she crumpled to the ground. He took her wallet and dumped the rest of the contents onto the ground around her and walked calmly to the staircase.

The End


One response to “Full Disclosure – Part 2 – The End

  1. O_O..&$%(#&$@ husbands! Hrrumph!

    I guess now he’ll have more to share with his half his age, could be his daughter’s age girlfriend huh?

    And nope, not going to hear any different. A guy that gets someone to kill his wife is either a horrible man OR she abused him…I prefer the first!

    I actually thought Mr Jones will end up as some angel / monster or something like that!

    Good one!

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