Getting Even – Part 1

A pounding headache so bad it felt like there was a jackhammer going off inside his skull, cotton mouth to the point he could not swallow and a stomach churning like a force five cyclone. These were the sensations that assaulted Jeremy Forbes when he came to. His bleary eyes registered the fact that he was in his bedroom and that he was laying on his bed. He could hear some not unfamiliar sounds coming from the television set on his dresser.

He attempted to sit up only to discover that one hand was handcuffed to the bed frame. This can’t be good he thought. He tried to remember the night before. Diane. His ex-girlfriend had dropped by unannounced. They had broken up a few days before. He had grown tired of her and told her he needed his space. She had not taken it well. Therefore, he was surprised to see her and further surprised that she was in a good mood.

She had not arrived empty handed. She had a bottle of his favourite whisky and she was wearing perfume that was so much more than inviting and little else. For a nanosecond he had considered not letting her in. He told her if she was thinking of changing his mind it wasn’t going to work. She assured him she had no such pretensions.

He looked around for the key to the handcuffs but it was nowhere to be seen. Through the fog that permeated his pounding head he reasoned that she must have drugged him and then handcuffed him to the bed. He vaguely recalled her luring him to his room and he was sure they had fooled around a bit but beyond that it was all a blank.

The sound from the television kept intruding on his thoughts and he craned his neck to see what was on the screen. It was then that he knew things were far worse than he had allowed himself to consider.

It was a video he had made in secret a few weeks ago. A video of him and a girl he had picked up in a bar and brought back to his place. A video he had made while Diane was still living with him and was away for a few days on business.

He looked around the room and realized she had ransacked the place, presumably while he was out cold. She must have heard talk. She had found the video and watched it and now she wanted him to know. That would be why he was handcuffed to the bed.

As his head cleared some more he began to notice other sensations, not the least of which was a strong urge to relieve himself. That was going to be a problem since he was handcuffed to his bed frame. There was that, but as he paid more attention to sensations he realized there was something more.

His mind rebelled at what it was coming to realize but he forced himself to look down his body and there was irrefutable evidence of what he didn’t want to know. His penis was super-glued to his stomach. The small tube lying next to it erased any possible doubt.

What a bitch he thought. This was one hell of a mess. He thrashed his head from side to side cursing and wishing all manner of misfortune on her but was interrupted by the sound of his cell phone ringing. It was lying next to him on the bed. He reached out with his free hand and picked it up.

Part 2 Tomorrow


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