The End Of Time – Part 6

Staring at him, dumbstruck, Sarah could only shake her head. “No. I mean…you seem to be telling me that I have this watch because it gives me the power to make a life or death choice for other people. People whose lives are intersecting my own?”

“Yes, that’s essentially what’s happening. You are the decider. One of the three of you will have to die in order to set matters to their correct trajectory. I cannot reveal the wherefore and why of things, my task is to make you aware of the nature of the watch and to receive your decision in the matter. The others involved I will not name, you may think of them as numbers one and two. You must choose which of the three of you will die. Should you fail to choose then by default it will be you.”

Feeling both helplessness and anger welling up in her Sarah jumped up from the sofa and began yelling. “Who the hell are you? You come into my home and tell me I have to decide who is going to die over some vague metaphysical conundrum and that I don’t even get to know what the nature of the matter is or the identities of the other two people involved?”

The gentleman spread his hands and looked sheepish. “I’m afraid that’s the case.”

“Look, even if I were to go along with all this how would I decide, should I choose to do so, which of the other two it would be? If I don’t have a clue who they are and how they’re involved…oh, this is madness! I want you to leave immediately.”

He paced a moment longer then turned to face her. “Sarah, do you understand what I’ve told you? If you do not make a choice then it is you who will die. Have you noticed that the watch is seven hours behind exactly?”


“That because that’s the length of time you have to make your decision once you’ve been notified of what is going on. You now have –“ he looked at his own watch “six hours and forty-eight minutes to make your decision. If you like I will go, but I will return in six and half hours. You must then decide.”

She collapsed back onto the sofa and buried her face in her hands for a minute. “Wait. I don’t…why me?”

He sighed and sat down. “I’ve told you, all humans have free will. Some have an overriding destiny that can sometimes be altered by said free will. When that happens, and it doesn’t occur that often, then intervention must take place. Usually it needn’t be drastic but sometimes, well, it comes to this. My job is to oversee the matter and set it right by whatever means necessary.”

She thought about it some more. “Wait, you said that these other two people were affecting my course. That would mean I’m meant to do something and they’re interfering without knowing they’re doing that. If I die, how can what I’m meant to do happen?”

“Sarah, if you die then one of them will be set on a path they wouldn’t have been on before. I can’t tell you exactly how things work, I’m sorry but it’s not allowed.”

“Allowed by whom?”

“Ah, I knew you’d get to that question. They all do.” He wagged his finger at her. “It’s not for you to know. Let’s just say it’s not personal, it’s a…process.”

“Well I don’t like this process one damn bit.”

“You don’t have to Sarah. You simply have to choose. Or, failing that…” He let his words sink in and watched her expectantly.

Part 7 Tomorrow


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