Winging It

Charlene and Darryl stood and stared in wide-eyed wonder at the mayhem in progress. Neither could quite believe what they were seeing. Equally true was that neither of them comprehended the magnitude of the best man’s miscalculation is his eagerness to surprise them on this, their very special day.


June 13th came at last and it was a hot, sultry Saturday. Charlene opened her eyes and a joyful realization washed over her at once. This was the day she had waited for her entire life. Her wedding day had arrived at last. She bounded out of bed and ran to the window and looked out. Glorious, that’s what it was.

She woke up her family and preparations that had been going on all week started being finalized. Everyone was in good spirits. In spite of it all Charlene was worried about Billy. He was Darryl’s best friend and of course she would never have dreamed of asking him not to have Billy as his best man and that’s why she had kept her doubts to herself.

At the appointed hour they set off for the church in the limo her father had hired for the day and she refused to let anything weigh her down. Charlene was determined to have the grandest wedding Macon County had ever seen. As they pulled up to the church she could hear the organ music and her heart soared. Until she saw Billy coming down the walkway.

“Hey everybody. Hey Charlene. You sure do look pretty.”

“Thanks Billy. Everybody is inside?”

“Yep. We’re all just waiting for you. Listen, Charlene, I’ve got a surprise – “

“Tell me later Billy, we need to start the service.”

“Um, okay…I’ll go stand next to Darryl now.”

Her mother dashed inside and took her place in the pew and signalled the organist to start the wedding march. Charlene’s father offered her his arm and away they went up the aisle. It was hot and stuffy but the electric ceiling fans were on high speed and the air was circulating well.

The service was everything she had hoped it would be. Darryl was so handsome in his white tuxedo and baby blue cummerbund and bow tie. The minister beamed at them with benevolence and Charlene felt as though she were standing on a cloud. It was all so wonderful. Then the minister had pronounced them husband and wife and as Darryl accepted the invitation to kiss the bride she had seen Billy reach down for something just off to the side but she couldn’t be bothered wondering what it was.

As they kissed she heard the sound of wings taking flight and she thought it must be the emotion of the moment overtaking her senses. As they parted, beaming at each other the screams had begun. They turned to see what the commotion was about and that’s when it began raining down feathers, blood, shredded white dove and the odd decapitated head on the wedding guests as well as the bride and groom and the retreating minister.

Darryl spit out a feather and looked down at the blood spots on his tuxedo. Charlene stared daggers at Billy who had a look on his face like that of a cow staring at a passing train.

“Damn…I didn’t think about the fans…”

The church was as silent as a tomb.


One response to “Winging It

  1. These I think are the type of friends of your significant other that you feel like throttling every time you meet them and of course doing the same to the love of you life because they still insist that they are best friends…

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