The Smell Of Blood – Part 3

The day sped by as she prepared for the afternoon’s presentation. It went well and Ellen felt her usual confidence return. As she prepared to leave for the day, she geared up for the gauntlet. Perhaps Anne was right, deep inside she did like the attention. Just a little.

A few seconds later she felt a shiver. She spun around, certain to find the creep from the bar, but there was no one there, so she continued on. The construction crew began whistling as she turned her face away. And there he was, not twenty feet in front of her. She glanced at the traffic. She had to cross the street and get away. When she looked again, he was gone. She turned to look at the construction crew, now bellowing taunts and a few were holding their crotches and gesturing. Pigs. They were all pigs. Where had the creep got to so quickly?

She picked up her pace, glancing around furtively. Could she be imagining all this? If some creepy guy had taken a fancy to her did it really mean anything? She thought about what she had seen, or thought she had seen in the street outside her apartment.

The ride home was uneventful and she relaxed and decided she was being overly sensitive and that the events of Friday night must have affected her more than she realized. By the time she got home she had decided she was simply being silly and the thing to do was to have a nice dinner and a couple of glasses of wine, followed by a leisurely bubble bath.

Getting off the bus she didn’t notice a slim figure watching her go and writing something down in a small notebook.

The sensation of being watched continued the following day and Ellen kept an eye out for anything suspicious but the day passed without incident and once again she wondered if she had been imagining things. But at home that night she found herself peeking through the blinds every few minutes to see if she was being watched. After her third glass of wine she convinced herself she was being foolish.

She got ready for bed and went to draw the blinds. She debated simply leaving them open, but she knew she’d wake up later and not be able to get back to sleep if she did. Cursing softly she went over to the window.

She froze, the cord still in her hand, the blinds drawn. Was it her imagination or was there a figure out there as there had been Friday night? She hesitated but finally she had to know. She slowly lifted one corner and peeked. To her horror, a dark clad figure stood exactly where he had before. He was motionless in the middle of the street just out the halo of a streetlight. He was looking directly at her bedroom window. She couldn’t make out his features.

She considered calling the police but she knew he’d be gone long before they got there and she’d simply look foolish. She looked away for a moment then held her breath and looked through the blinds again. He was gone.



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