The Smell Of Blood – Part 4

She went to bed, but couldn’t sleep. She felt helpless and utterly alone. What could she do? She couldn’t prove any of this was happening. Unless of course one of the neighbours had seen him also, but how would she know?

She imagined herself ringing doorbells and asking each person who answered if they had seen a mysterious figure standing in the middle of the road late at night. No, that would certainly never do.

She continued to fret but eventually drowsiness won out and sleep overtook her.

The following day on the ride in to work  she was deep in thought and almost missed her stop. She threw herself into her work but on her break she called Anne.

“Anne, I saw him again last night. The guy in the street.”

“Now you’re sure it’s a guy? I thought you couldn’t tell?”

“It’s him. I’m sure of it. I saw him yesterday on the way to the bus. I was passing the construction site and there he was. I’m scared Anne. I don’t know what to do.”

“Aw, honey, are you sure you’re not letting your imagination run away with you? I don’t mean to downplay your feelings, but you really don’t have anything to go on, you know?”

“I know. Look, I just needed to talk to someone. You’re right, there’s nothing I can do. No one has approached me. I can’t even be certain any of it is real.”

“I think that’s it. Just let it go. If you see the figure in the street again tonight call me right away, okay?”

“Okay, I will. Thanks Anne.”

Ellen hung up but she didn’t feel any better. There had to be some way to figure out what was going on.

Arising from a better night’s sleep than the previous, Ellen checked her diary and realised that in her preoccupation with her elusive stalker, she had forgotten about a team building function she needed to attend after work. Though she was not in the mood, she was a team player, so she resigned herself to attend.

The day was hectic, but she appreciated the distraction. At 4.30, she returned to her desk to get ready to go when Greg Browning from accounting showed up.

“Hi Ellen. You know we’re meeting up at Flannery’s instead, don’t you?”

“Flannery’s?” Ellen choked on the word. We’re meeting at Flannery’s?

“Yeah, last minute change. There was a kitchen fire at The Grove so we had to change venues. Their party room has a better stage, so I think the awards will go great. You up for anything?”

Ellen caught her breath and nodded. “You know everyone wins something, Greg.”

“True, but maybe we can have a drink together.”

She rolled her eyes. There was no end to this constant hitting on her. She turned a noncommittal smile on him, “Sure. But if you don’t mind, I have heaps to get through before I leave.”

“See you there.” He was gone before she realised she would have felt safer walking up the street with him than by herself.



One response to “The Smell Of Blood – Part 4

  1. Ooh! I wonder if Ellen’s behind this!!?

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