Small Problems

Sitting in the corner feigning disinterest in his surroundings Brent was certain Melissa and Bradley were laughing at him. Oh sure, they appeared to not even notice him. They engaged in their little ritual of play and didn’t cast even a single glance in his direction but he knew just the same.

He busied himself with things around him and occasionally glanced about the room. Everywhere but in their direction. He didn’t care that it might be an obvious ploy; it was all he could think to do so it would have to suffice.

Hearing Melissa giggle he stole a quick look at her. She was flirting with Bradley. Could she be any more obvious? Brent allowed himself a frown, not giving a toss whether anyone saw it or not.

He considered turning his back to them but ruled it out. He wouldn’t be able to see what they were up to if he did that. He made a show of rearranging the things in front of him, a look of intense concentration on his face. He wasn’t the least bit interested in what they were doing. It must be obvious to them. He hoped so at least.

He glanced over just in time to see Bradley quickly look away. Aha! So he was being scrutinized. Just as he suspected. Bradley couldn’t be trusted. Brent had known this from the start. It infuriated him that Melissa would rather be with Bradley. What could he do? Nothing came to mind. Perhaps he should just accept the situation and live with it.

A bubbly laugh from Melissa. That was the final straw. He headed over to where they were sitting and slapped first Melissa and then Bradley in the back of the head. Melissa began crying. Bradley looked like a stunned mullet.

Mrs. Ralston turned her head and sized up the situation. They were at it again. Mrs. Talbot came in, having heard the commotion.

“The tripets again?”

“I’m afraid so Angie. Would you mind separating them?”

Mrs. Ralston sighed. When she had dreamed of having babies as a young woman she had never imagined managing 23 of them five days a week.


2 responses to “Small Problems

  1. hehe! That was a good twist!! Didn’t expect it till Melissa began to cry, then I suspected it…;)

    • I love surprise endings. I’ve always been a fan of O. Henry stories. Have you ever read Gift Of The Magi? If you haven’t you should. You can probably find it online. Supreme irony.

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