A Fish Out Of Water – Part 1

Sitting at an outdoor café table Alex and Beth were looking at each other intently, both willing the other to make the call. Letting out a sigh Alex leaned back and, with a mischievous grin, gave Beth the thumbs up. Taking one last sip of her cappuccino
Beth stood up and looked across the street.

“Good. Let’s go do this thing.”

Alex pulled on his leather jacket and then took her hand as they crossed the street. When they were standing on the curb outside the bank he leaned in and kissed her for good luck. As they started up the steps the wail of police sirens split the air and they stopped just outside the door.

Alex glanced in the direction the sound was coming from. “Well, at least they’re not after us.”

Beth smiled and opened the door only to be nearly bowled over by a man waving a gun. His eyes went wide at the sound of the sirens and he shoved the gun in Alex’s face.

“You two are coming with me. NOW!”

He shoved them in the direction of the street and then ordered them into the front seat of an old baby blue El Dorado parked at the curb. He jerked open the back door and threw a couple of sacks in and then jumped into the drivers seat. As he started the car he shoved the gun in Alex’s ribs.

“Don’t even think of doing anything funny, I’ll shoot her and then you.”

With that he peeled away from the curb and made a sharp u-turn and drove away from the approaching police cars. Alex and Beth both looked straight ahead and didn’t say a word.

Sweating profusely and swearing under his breath the kidnapper kept one eye on the rear view mirror. Seeing at last that they weren’t being followed his relaxed and put the gun in his lap and drove with both hands, but not before warning his hostages again.

He drove in silence for twenty minutes before he began talking again.

“Look, I’m really sorry I had to grab you guys. I’m not going back to prison. I heard those sirens and it was the only thing I could think to do. I’ve got to get Leo his money. He’ll kill me if I don’t. You can understand that, right?”

Beth looked at Alex and gave a small nod.

“Uh, yeah, sure man. We understand. Look, the cops didn’t make you; you’re safe now. Why don’t you just drop us off at the next light? No harm done. Really.”

The driver became agitated again. “No. I can’t do that. I need time to think. You’re staying with me until I can figure this out. I’m sorry, I really am. I won’t hurt you if you just cooperate.”

Beth glanced over her shoulder at the bags in the back seat. The wheels were turning.

“It’s okay mister. We understand. Just don’t shoot us; okay?”

“Huh? Um…yeah, just behave and everything will be fine.”

Alex was perplexed but soon figured out what Beth was doing. He flashed her a quick grin as the kidnapper pulled off the road down a gravel path. They were some ways out of town now. He pulled up in front of a lakeside cottage and got out and ordered them inside.

He told them to sit on the sofa and went to fridge and got three beers. Sitting down opposite them he started apologizing again for grabbing them.

“My name is Will, by the way.”

Alex and Beth sat and listened, nodding at appropriate moments. Things were getting interesting.

Part 2 Tomorrow


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