A Fish Out Of Water – Part 2

When he was done rambling Will sat back and looked his hostages over for the first time. He had no friends to speak of and the way these two had remained so calm and easygoing had caused him to open up to them more than he ever had with anyone.

Alex was tall and good-looking in a boyish manner. Well dressed and with an air of self- confidence, he exuded grace and style. Beth was a fiery looking redhead with deep green eyes. Self-assured and yet decisive, but there was an air of vulnerability around the edges. Will was glad he had met them but he reminded himself they were his hostages and not to be trusted.

Alex cleared his throat. “So, Will, what now?”

Will scratched his chin with his gun barrel. “That’s what I’m tryin’ to figure out Alex.” He leaned forward and cocked his head. “See, I gotta get this money to Leo the Horse or I’m a dead man.”

His cell phone rang and he looked at it. It was Leo.

“Hi Leo. Listen, I got your money. I’ll bring it by soon.”

“Oh, so now you got it, do you? Would that have anything to do with the robbery I just heard about on the radio?” A nasty chuckle let Will know the question was rhetorical.

“I told you I’d get your money Leo.”

“Yeah you did, Will, but I told you your deadline was noon today.”

“But Leo, it’s…”

His eyes fell on the kitchen clock in horror. It was 12:15.

“Damn, Leo, I had a little situation and I lost track of the time. I’ve got your money, I’ll bring it over right away.”

“Too late Will. It ain’t ten thousand anymore. Late fee, you know? I want fifty and I want it in the next two hours.”

Before he could reply Leo had hung up. Will threw the phone across the room.

“Damn that bastard! He wants all the money from the bank. I risked my ass big time for that. He’s not getting it.”

Alex and Beth exchanged a knowing glance.

“So, Will, who is this Leo the Horse?”

Will looked glum. “Somebody you don’t cross.” He pointed his gun at Beth. “Go get the bags out of the car.”

Beth brought them in and Will counted the take. $55,000. One of Leo’s bought off cops must have told him it was around fifty. Alex and Beth stared at the pile of money on the coffee table.

“So what are you gonna do Will?”

Will looked at Beth and then at Alex. He had a crazy mobster demanding everything he had and a pair of hostages he didn’t know what to do with. He needed to think but his head was starting to hurt.

“Look, I know I told you two I wouldn’t hurt you but I’m in deep here. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to – “

Alex put his hand up. “Look, Will, you don’t want to add murder to the mess you’re in. Maybe I can help you out here. Hear me out, okay?”

Will studied him for a moment. Damn this guy was good.

“Okay, you’ve got five minutes. Go.”

Part 3 Tomorrow


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