A Fish Out Of Water – Part 4

Alex pulled onto the road and headed for Leo’s place. He was relieved Will hadn’t patted them down when he got them to the cottage, but then again he’d had no reason to think they’d be armed. He thought they were just some working stiffs who’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He reached around to the back of his waistband and took out his pistol and put on the seat beside him. This was going to be perfect if this Leo character didn’t have an entire crew with him when he showed up. He’d have to play it by ear.

Back at the cottage Will fetched a bottle of whiskey and poured two glasses. Beth turned on the charm and engaged with him to keep him from thinking things through.

“That was a real shame about the cops, eh? One of the tellers must have hit a silent alarm.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how that happened. I made them keep their hands where I could see them.”

Beth smirked and took a sip of whiskey. This guy really was a fish out of water.

“They have panic buttons on the floor at every teller station Will. One of them hit it as soon as you pulled your gun. The alarm goes off at the nearest police station.”

“Damn. So that’s what happened. Hey, how do you know this stuff?”

Beth shrugged. “I used to be a bank teller.”

Will looked her over. Something didn’t seem right.

“You don’t look like any bank teller I’ve ever seen.”

Beth grinned and leaned towards him. “Yeah? What do bank tellers look like? Old maids with hair buns? Times have changed Will. When was the last time you were in a bank?”

He blushed. “Well, that’s not what I meant. It’s just that you seem…oh, I don’t know…”

“Too sexy to be a bank teller?”

“Oh hey, I wasn’t getting familiar or nothing, I just meant – “

She laughed and drained her glass. “I know what you meant Will, it’s okay. Fill me up again, won’t you?”

He drained his own glass and refilled both of them. The warmth permeated his belly and he was beginning to relax. She really was one hot mama. If he were twenty years younger…ah, the hell with it. Who was he trying to kid? She was out of his league. He raised his glass.

“Here’s to Alex’s negotiating skills.”

“Indeed. He knows what he’s doing Will. You’ll see.”

Boy, what a sap this guy was. Still, he had chosen all this. If he hadn’t gotten there first…she cut off her train of thought as she noticed him checking her out again. He liked what he saw. Good. She would keep using it to her advantage.

“So, Will, have you got a girlfriend?”

He nearly choked on his drink and it was all she could do to keep from laughing.


“Oh, no, it’s nothing, I just…not right now, you know?” He wouldn’t meet her eye. “I’ve been busy,” he mumbled. He took another sip of whiskey and was suddenly very interested in whatever was going on outside the window.

Beth took pity on him and changed the subject. She asked him what he thought he might do with the money once he had Leo off his back. He told her he wanted to get away for a while. Maybe go to Florida and get some sun.

The more she watched him the more sorry she felt for him. Then she came to her senses. Screw that. This was business. Sentimentality had no place in it. She reached for the bottle and poured them each another drink. Might as well get him as mellow as she could.

Part 5 Tomorrow


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