A Fish Out Of Water – Part 5

Alex pulled up in front of the apartment building and studied it for a moment. He would need the element of surprise to make this work. He would have to get to the front door without notice. If he asked to be buzzed in it might not happen.

He got out and waited for someone to go in or out but nothing was happening. He decided to buzz someone else in the building. Pretending to have a delivery he got in and headed for the penthouse.

He knocked on the door and willed himself to relax.

“Yeah, who is it?”

“I’m here to see Leo. Will sent me.”

He could hear a conversation happening and then a huge bruiser opened the door and looked him over.

“Leo wants to know who the hell you are and why Will isn’t here.”

“Will is indisposed. I’ve got the money for Leo.”

The door closed and then reopened seconds later.

“Get in here.”

He walked into a well-appointed apartment. Persians rugs, parquet floors, high ceilings and leather furnishings. A very nice place indeed.

The goon led him to an office at the back and motioned him inside. Behind an enormous mahogany desk sat a bald headed man with a large gold hoop in his left ear. Alex was reminded of Mister Clean but held his tongue. Leo did not look as though he was amused.

The goon went and stood next to him and waited. Leo motioned for him to lean down and then whispered something in his ear. The goon nodded.

“Leo wants to know why he shouldn’t have you killed for showing up here without permission.”

Alex shrugged and sat down without asking permission.

“Tell him to offer me a scotch and I’ll answer his question.”

The goon took two steps towards him but Leo held up his hand. The goon went back to his appointed station and Leo got up and went to the bar and poured two glasses of scotch and handed one to Alex before sitting back down.

“You’ve got balls. I like that. Now then, you have my money?”

“That I do.” Alex reached inside his jacket and before he could bring the bundle out the goon was pointing a cannon in his face.

“Relax. Its just money.”

The goon waited until Alex brought the bundle out slowly and put it on the desk in front of Leo before putting his gun away. Leo stared at it for a moment and made a face.

“That sure as hell don’t look like fifty large to me.”

“That would be because it isn’t. It’s twenty. Twice what Will owes you.”

Leo stood up and planted his hands on either side of his desk. A vein in his neck was throbbing visibly and his head was beginning to turn beet red. The goon was shifting from foot to foot clearly itching to act.

“Listen, asshole, Will owes me what I told him he owes me. If he sent you here thinking it was going to get him off the hook he thought wrong. I’ll deal with him as soon as I’ve disposed of you.”

Alex held up his hand.

“You know what, I tried to tell him that. Why don’t you let me call him and explain that he needs to get his ass over here with the rest of the money?”

“Who the hell are you, anyway? Why isn’t Will here?”

“I told you, he’s scared. I can talk sense into him. May I?” He indicated he wanted to take out his phone. Leo blinked and then nodded his head. Alex reached into his coat and brought out his gun. He put two in the goon’s chest just as he reached for his weapon. Leo had his hand on his desk drawer. Alex made it clear that wasn’t a good idea.

Part 6 – The End – Tomorrow


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