My Favourite Way To Die – Part 4

Just after dawn he awoke to the sound of several roosters serenading the sun. Again, wonderful smells were emanating from the kitchen. As he contemplated the events of the night before there was a small knock at the door. He called out that he was awake and Yochi entered.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, thanks Yochi, I did. Thank you so much for taking me in. I hadn’t encountered any problems up until last night. Maybe I was just lucky.”

Yochi smiled and studied him for a moment. “Perhaps. Noonsa has prepared breakfast. My grandfather would like to meet you.”

Yochi left Sam to wash up and get dressed. When Sam entered the kitchen Yochi was sitting at the table next to an old man dressed in dungarees and a tee shirt. He had long hair in braids and wore an elaborate headband decorated with beads and feathers. He looked up at Sam and smiled while motioning for him to sit down.

Noonsa brought bowls of food to the table and joined them. The old man’s eyes were on Sam until she sat down, then he turned to Yochi and spoke to him. Yochi listened and nodded.

“My grandfather welcomes you to our home and wants you to know you are welcome to stay here as long as you like. We should eat now and after breakfast we will talk.”

With that they began helping themselves to the food and Sam followed suit. It was another splendid meal. When they were done the grandfather stood and left the room. Yochi got up and followed nodding his head at Sam.

He followed them to a large room at the back of the house. Once inside Yochi sat down on a cushion and patted the one next to him. Sam followed suit and the old man sat opposite them behind a low table.

Sam’s eyes took in many strange objects lining the walls. He was fascinated by a figure of what appeared to be a demon with horns holding a spear. The old man followed his eyes and he smiled briefly then spoke to Yochi.

“My grandfather says you have many questions you would like to ask. He will answer them for you now.”

Sam must have looked doubtful because Yochi then assured him it was all right, that he could ask anything he liked.

“Well, okay. What is it your grandfather does? Is he some sort of shaman?”

Yochi spoke briefly with the old man.

“He said to tell you he is a brujo. Do you know what that is?”


“A brujo is a…I’m not sure what the right word is in English. A sorcerer?”

Sam’s eyes went wide. “Really? You mean he’s some sort of witch doctor?”

“Si. A doctor. A medicine man, but it’s more that that. He can connect to the spirit world.”

Sam thought it over for a minute. “Okay, yeah, I’ve read about that sort of think. Carlos Castaneda and all that.”


“Oh, never mind. I think I get it. So that’s what the statue and the candles and stuff are all about. That’s cool.”

The old man spoke again at length. Yochi listened and then turned to Sam.

“He wants to know what else you are curious about.”

“Well, I’ve been feeling a lot different about things since I got to Guatemala. I’ve been feeling like there’s something I came here for but I’m not sure what it is. Can he help me with that?”

Yochi was silent for a minute and then he spoke to his grandfather. The old man laughed and then answered.

“My grandfather says he knew this all along. From the moment we arrived at the house he knew why you had come to us. He says there is much you have to do here. He would like to take you on the journey.”

Sam felt a chill as he looked at the old man who was now looking right through him.

Part 5 Tomorrow


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