The Warning – Part 1


Grant was getting more and more impatient by the moment. The queue for the check in counter was long and getting longer and he didn’t seem to be getting any closer no matter how many times he looked at his watch.

He counted again. Six staff on duty. Why couldn’t they move faster? Traffic getting to airport had been a nightmare, and even though he’d given himself plenty of time his flight was due to depart in less than an hour and he was much farther back in line than he was comfortable with.

Ten more minutes passed and things began to pick up. Finally it was his turn next. He approached and put on a smile he didn’t really feel, but he wanted things to go smoothly. The counter person was a drop-dead gorgeous redhead and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her the entire time she was checking in his baggage and issuing his ticket. She looked at the tickets as they came out and a slight frown crossed her face. She handed them over and wished him a pleasant flight.

As he headed for the boarding lounge he couldn’t stop thinking about her, and especially the way she had frowned when she looked at his tickets. When he got settled in to wait for the boarding call he looked over the tickets, thinking perhaps he had a bad seat. Both of the flights seemed to be perfectly fine aisle seats, just as he had requested. He put it out of his mind and caught up on some reading while he waited.

Boarding was the usual frantic rush for overhead compartment space and getting settled in. He had to get up twice to let his seatmates in, but at long last the captain called for the flight attendants to be seated for take off. He was looking over some notes as a couple of the attendants headed for the back and out of the corner of his eye he caught a flash of red hair. He looked up and his jaw dropped.

It was her. The counter attendant that had caught his eye when she issued his tickets and frowned. He smiled at her as she came towards him and then spoke.

“Doing double duty are you? I didn’t know you guys worked the counters and the flights.”

She cocked her head at him and smiled. She didn’t say a word, but she shook her head as she passed. He wondered what that was about. Take off went smoothly and he hoped that she would be serving in his section. He was intrigued now and wanted to see if he could get to know her a little better.

He didn’t see her again for the next hour, but he knew meal service would begin soon, so he waited. When the meal service started he watched both sides, but she was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps she’s serving in business or first class, he thought to himself. He made a mental note to use the forward toilets after meal service and take a peek in the business section.

After the meals were cleared he did just that, but again, she was nowhere to be found. He thought it odd and went back to his seat perplexed by the whole thing. Later on he was doing some reading and became drowsy and was nodding off when he felt someone standing over him. As he opened his eyes to see what was going on he saw that beautiful red hair just as she leaned down and whispered in his ear.

“Don’t catch your return flight. You must change your plans.”

He was jolted out his drowsiness by the strangeness of what had just happened and sat bolt upright. He looked up, but there was no one there. He looked up and down the aisle, but it was empty.


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