The Warning – Part 4


Grant finally concluded that a very elaborate practical joke was being played on him. What he couldn’t figure out was why and also who would be able to pull off such a thing. It certainly wasn’t his boss. Hal didn’t have much of a sense of humour. He couldn’t think of anyone else in the office that would do this either. Ditto for his friends. And so he finally had to discard the idea.

Which left him back at square one. Also, he had to decide whether or not to take this matter seriously if, in fact, it wasn’t an elaborate prank. If he was left with the conclusion that someone really did want him to change his flight, it begged the question of why. The tickets were no help, and he couldn’t get any cooperation out of the airline, so where did that leave him? In one huge quandary, he decided.

In addition, he was spending far too much time thinking about this when he should be focused on the job he was sent to Boston to do. He rubbed his eyes and got a drink from the mini-bar. Having downed that he decided perhaps a trip to the hotel bar was in order for a proper drink.

Two hours later he was feeling no pain, but he still couldn’t get the redhead’s face out of his mind. Who was she? Why was she so adamant that he change his return flight? Why didn’t the other attendants on the flight know she even existed? The only thing he was certain of was that she existed. He had spoken to her at the check in counter. She had whispered in his ear on the plane. She was real, dammit!

A guy sitting a couple of stools down the bar from him noticed him and seemed to feel his agitation. It didn’t take him long to move over next to Grant.

“Hey buddy, what’s the problem? You wanna talk about it?”

The man was in the same condition as Grant, so Grant decided what the hell.

“Oh, it’s…well, you see…”

The guy grinned. “Woman troubles, eh?”

Grant gave him a sidelong glance. “You might say. There was this flight attendant on the way to Boston. A redhead…”

His new friend winked. “Redheads. You gotta be careful, man. They’re dynamite.”

“Yeah, well, I guess that’s about right. The problem is I seem to be the only one who knows this one even exists.”

Now he had his companion’s full attention. “Well hell, buddy, that’s great news! No competition.”

Grant thought for a moment if he should even continue, but the alcohol won out.

“No, you don’t understand.”

He proceeded to lay out the story, from the ticket counter to the front desk of the hotel. His companion listened intently, but his face was a mask of scepticism by the end.

“So, you’re saying she whispered in your ear, but none of the other attendants knew she was even on the plane?”

Grant thought that over. “Yeah. They said there were no red haired attendants on the flight.”

“Well then, what if she wasn’t really an attendant? What if she just had a uniform, and she put it on in the toilet and then changed back again?”

Grant thought it through. “But she was at the ticket counter. She has to be an airline employee, so…”

The wheels were turning now. “An employee. So she could easily have gotten on the plane…”

He looked at his drinking buddy. “I have to go. I need to make a call.”


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