The Warning – Part 5


Grant raced back to the room so fast he was breathless. He looked up the number for the airline again and worked his way through the options. At last he got to a human being. He explained again what had happened and asked how it was possible that someone working the check in desk could also have been working as a flight attendant. He was told that was impossible.

He kept his emotions under control and asked if it was possible for a check in person to get access to a flight attendant uniform. The person he was speaking to was getting wary, but allowed as how that would not be impossible. He thanked him and hung up the phone. His mind was racing. So if she had the uniform, and had changed into it and gotten on the flight…then he remembered that the other attendants had said there was no one with red hair working the flight. But, he thought, what if she wasn’t a flight attendant and was simply dressing as one. If she was careful not to appear when any of the other employees could see her…but she would have to have gotten a ticket to board the plane. Or would she?

It was getting confusing, and he realized that even if he could work out how she had done all of this it still didn’t explain why she wanted him to change his return flight. He slumped in his seat and decided it was time for some sleep. Perhaps the morning would bring an answer. He took the note out again and stared at it for a minute as if it might yield some insight. He put it away with a sigh and got ready for bed.

The next day’s meetings weren’t helped by the hangover, but it did seem to keep him from thinking too much about the bizarre events of the last couple of days. After work was finished, however, he was faced with deciding whether he was actually going to cancel his flight and book another one and how he was going to explain that to his boss if he did.

He pondered the situation on the cab ride back to the hotel and held off on making a decision when he thought about whether or not there might be another note when he got back. As it turned out there wasn’t and he was relieved that it was so. He went up to his room and decided to take a shower and as he was drying off the phone rang.

Great, he thought, he must have forgotten something at the meeting. He picked up the phone.


a moment of silence and then, “Have you changed your flight yet?”

He nearly dropped the phone as the blood rushed to his head. His mouth went dry and nothing came out at first as he tried to speak.

“Look, who are you? Why do you want me to change my flight? Why are you doing this to me?” He knew he sounded frantic, but he didn’t care.

“You must change your flight. Do not get on that plane.”

The line went dead before he could reply. He put the phone down and stared at it for a moment. He picked it up again and called the desk.

“Yes, the call I just received, did the caller identify themselves to you?”

No, of course not. He hung up the phone again and lay down on the bed to contemplate his next move.

Tomorrow, Part 6


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