The Warning – Part 6


Grant stared at the ceiling for a long time, willing himself to be calm. At one point he tried the meditation technique he had been taught when he was younger and had been trying to find himself. In the end he was too agitated and lacked the discipline. Then he had another idea.

He began visualizing the redhead’s face, thinking perhaps it might help him focus and perhaps she might give him sort of clue. After all, she had known somehow where he was staying. Had left a note and even called him. Nothing came, and eventually he realized he was hungry and went downstairs to see about some dinner. The specials at the hotel restaurant looked interesting enough, so he decided to stay in.

Over dinner he made up his mind that whatever this whole thing was, he wasn’t going to cancel his flight without a solid reason why. He couldn’t imagine what he could possibly tell his boss if he did change his flight anyway. It would cost the company more money and it just wasn’t going to happen.

He felt better once he’d made his decision. Why this mystery woman was doing all this would have to remain just that, a mystery. A good story to tell at a dinner part some time. Not that he was certain anyone would believe him if he did tell it. With his flight scheduled for early the next morning he decided to make an early night of it and stopped by the front desk to leave a wake up call for six so he’d have plenty of time to get to the airport.

Getting ready for bed it occurred to him that he wasn’t originally meant to have gone on this trip. Another representative had been given the assignment but had injured himself in a home accident and his boss had asked him to take over at the last minute. He couldn’t help wondering what would have happened if the other guy had been in his place. Would she have warned him not to take the flight home?

Getting into bed he decided it was silly to contemplate questions he had no way of ever knowing the answer to. He drifted off the sleep after awhile and tossed and turned with bad dreams through the night. He woke up a couple of times but couldn’t quite remember what he had dreamed. It all dissolved instantly like a watercolour washing away in the rain.

He awoke the next morning and knew instantly something wasn’t right. He looked at the window and realized what it was. The sun was up. In a panic he looked at the clock. 6:37. He had overslept. What had happened to his wake up call? Angrily he jumped out of bed and grabbed the phone. He punched zero and started pacing.

“Front desk. How may I help you?”

“You can start by telling me why I didn’t receive my wakeup call.” He was in no mood to be polite.

“Sir, the wakeup call was cancelled. I have it right here on the night duty roster.”

“What?! I didn’t cancel the call, there must be some mistake.”

“I’m sorry sir. It’s crossed out right here and it says cancelled by room 1423. That’s all I know. The night clerk has gone home. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

“Well I need a cab in fifteen minutes to take me to the airport. Please have one waiting.”

“Yes sir. Your cab will be waiting.”

He took a quick shower and threw his clothes into his bag as soon as he was dressed. He was not going to miss his flight and that was that. He was on his way out of the room when the phone rang.

Tomorrow, Part 7


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