Southern Discomfort – Part 1

Checking her look in the mirror Krystal allowed a sly grin to form. She was hot and she knew it. Hotter than a hush puppy right out the fryer and that was a fact. The new cherry red lipstick suited her.

“Boudreaux, where are you?” She kept tabs on him on account of because.

“Mon Cheri, I am coming to you right away.”

He was a snake in the grass but she loved him anyway. “Shake it Boudreaux.”

“Here I am my precious one, how may I be of service?”

“You can knock off the sweet talk for a start. What time do we need to leave for the airport?”

Consulting his antique pocket watch, which had been handed down from his great-granddaddy and which was therefore a treasure, he frowned. “Krystal my love, we must go now.”

“Boudreaux, I told you to let me know!” She gave him The Look and he bowed his head and scuffed.

“I’ll put the bags in the car.”

She gathered up her purse and hat and slammed the door behind her. They were soon on their way. Krystal was excited. It had been ages since Boudreaux had taken her anywhere and it had only taken six months of relentless nagging to make it all happen.

“Now Boudreaux, I know you want our destination to be a surprise but couldn’t you give me just a little hint now that we’re on our way?” She batted her false eyelashes at him. It always worked.

Taking one hand off the wheel he wagged a finger at her and grinned. “Now, now my little beignet, you don’t want to spoil the surprise, do you?”

“Oh my handsome stud muffin, you know I would never, I just want a little hint is all.” More batting. “Did you book us into a nice hotel?”

Boudreaux shifted in his seat. “Well Krystal my love, I certainly hope you’ll find our accommodation to your liking.” He eyed her with caution. “Business hasn’t been great my love.”

“Well that’s all right crawdaddy, I know you want to make me happy.” Thinking it over she decided to give it one more go. She was hoping he was taking her to Miami; she’d dropped so many hints. “Do you think there’s a chance I might see Don Johnson where we’re going?”

Frowning, Boudreaux tried to think quickly; something that came about as naturally to him as bathing frequently. “Well my passion flower, I suppose that wouldn’t be out of the question.”

As they pulled into the long term parking Krystal checked her makeup in the mirror. Boudreaux busied himself with the bags and then they were off to the check-in counter. He got their boarding passes while she went to the ladies room. When they got to the waiting area he sat her down facing away from the flight board.

Boarding was announced a short time later and soon they were in the air. They celebrated with shots and a beer followed by two more of each and by the time they landed Krystal was in a better mood than she had been in a long time. As they walked down the flyway she turned to Boudreaux and giggled.

“Boudreaux my handsome hunk, I could have sworn that stewardess said ‘welcome to Orlando’ when we landed.”

Being in good spirits himself Boudreaux didn’t give things a second thought before answering. “That’s because we are in Orlando my sweet cupcake.”

He had taken several more steps before he realized Krystal was not beside him.

Part 2 Tomorrow


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