Southern Discomfort – Part 2

Turning to see what had become of Krystal he was hit smack between the eyes by The Look. His buzz disappeared like the air from a balloon that had just met up with a pin.

“Krystal, my little beignet, I…”

She advanced on him like a Sherman tank entering a defenceless town. “Boudreaux, what are we doing in Orlando? I thought you were taking me to Miami?”

“Now Krystal, I never said we were going to Miami.”

She planted her hands on her hips and began tapping her foot. Boudreaux braced himself.

“Boudreaux, I specifically asked you if there was a possibility that I might see Don Johnson. You allowed as how it could happen. What would he be doing here?”

“Um…visiting Disney World?”

In her dismay at not finding herself in Miami Krystal hadn’t considered why they might be in Orlando. Her mood brightened a shade and Boudreaux breathed a small sigh of relief.

“Oh, Boudreaux, I’ve never been to Disney World! You sly fox, you.” She favoured him with a sloppy kiss leaving a smear of cherry red on his lips. She giggled and didn’t bother telling him. “Are we staying at a hotel near the park?”

He was about to break the news to her when a loud rebel yell from the lounge area assaulted his ears and those of everyone within fifty feet. Boudreaux knew at once who it was. Though he was now facing away from her he could tell that Krystal did too, the icy stare on the back of his neck said it all.

Turning to face the music he was about to attempt to placate her when his cousin bellowed out another greeting.

“Boudreaux, you ‘ol swamp rat you, get your hiney over here!”

Ignoring the command he began his explanation to his wife but she cut him off before he got three words out.

“What is the meaning of this,” she hissed, “Why is that no good snake here?”

Krystal had never been fond of Bubba. She hadn’t met him until the wedding and it had all been downhill from there. Boudreaux had been hoping things would go a bit better. Now he was wondering what had made him think that was possible.

He had neglected to tell his wife that Bubba had moved to Florida the year before. He had found it prudent to not keep her apprised of Bubba’s comings and goings. Summoning what there was of his dwindling courage he looked her in the eyes and let it all roll out.

“Krystal honey, I told you in the car that business hasn’t been good what with the recession and all. I knowed how much you wanted a vacation and I did the sums over and over but the only way we could afford Disney World was if we were to stay – “

Her neck flushed like a bayou sunset and he stopped in mid sentence as the very fires of hell blazed in her eyes.

“You mean we’re staying with that no good son of a –“

“Now Krystal darlin’, it’s gonna be fine, I promise.”

He had been guiding her along as they talked and now they found themselves face to face with Bubba, who took no notice of the tension in the air. So dense was he that he scooped Krystal up in his massive hairy arms and did his best impersonation of a boa constrictor.

Boudreaux gestured for him to stop but Bubba wasn’t paying attention.

“Girl, you smell like a New Orleans cat house on a Saturday night! Whooooeeeeee!”

Boudreaux looked around for a rock to crawl under.

Part 3 Tomorrow


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