Southern Discomfort – Part 5

Boudreaux carried Krystal to the room when they got back. Bubba and his date had stayed behind to continue drinking. Getting her undressed and into bed was a chore but he was grateful he didn’t have to endure an earful about the evening.

Brushing his teeth and then getting into bed he thought he’d be too tired to fall asleep right away but he was sawing logs in no time. He awoke sometime later after being jabbed in the ribs.


“Boudreaux, can’t you hear them. This is too much!”

As sleep left him he understood what she was on about. Bubba had brought his date home and his bedroom was right next to theirs. His bed was against the adjoining wall and it sounded like mating time in the jungle.

“Oh…oh…oh god…oh yes…”

Krystal had her arms folded over her chest and was staring at the ceiling. Boudreaux was at a loss but at last he decided to bang on the wall. The sound stopped momentarily and they could hear giggling. Thinking it was all over Boudreaux rolled over and closed his eyes. The noise started up again.

He rolled over to face Krystal. “Sorry, baby. They’ll be done soon. Bubba never could go the distance.”

He turned back hoping that would be the end of it but he could feel her boring holes in the back of his head with her eyes. He sighed and pulled his pillow over his head. Sleep was elusive.

As Boudreaux woke up the next morning he could feel the frost in the air. Krystal was awake but she got out of bed without speaking to him and disappeared into the bathroom. With a big sigh he got up and dressed. When she came back out they went to the kitchen to see about breakfast.

A repeat of the giggling from the night before told Krystal the bimbo was still resident. She braced herself and tried to force a smile as they entered the kitchen. Bubba was in high spirits.

“Howdy, y’all. Sorry about the racket last night. We were kinda drunk.”

Amber was grinning from ear to ear. “Hi guys. Can I make you some pancakes?”

“Say yes, Amber makes great pancakes.”

Boudreaux eyed Krystal who gave a slight shrug. “Sure, that would be great.”

The distinct chill in the bedroom was now part of the ambiance in the kitchen as they ate. Amber decided to try to lighten the mood.

“So, Disney World today, eh?”

“Yeah, I promised this pretty lady here I’d take her there today. Really looking forward to it,” Boudreaux mumbled around a mouth full of pancake. “These are real good Amber.”

As the doorbell rang Amber jumped up. “That’ll be my mother. Jason needs to see his momma.”

Krystal raised an eyebrow. “How old is this kid of hers Bubba?”

Before he could answer they were in the kitchen, Amber holding a baby that was no more a few months old.

“Hey guys, this is my mom, Pearl, and this is my little man, Jason.”

Krystal was nearly apoplectic. “You left a newborn overnight – “

“Wow, ain’t he something Krystal?” Boudreaux interrupted, “beautiful baby.”

“Aw thanks. Yeah, he’s my little bundle of joy.” Amber was beaming.

As Pearl greeted everyone Amber sat down at the table and pulled down her boob tube and began breastfeeding the baby. Krystal choked on her coffee and Boudreaux sat transfixed with his fork half way to his mouth.

“Amber, what are you doing?” Krystal couldn’t contain herself.

“I’m feeding little Jason here. If we’re all going to Disney World today I need to get this out of the way before we go.”

Gritting his teeth to keep from yelling with pain as Krystal’s foot connected with his shin under the table Boudreaux tore his eyes away from the mammaries on display and looked at Bubba who was grinning and nodding enthusiastically.


Part 6 Tomorrow


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