Southern Discomfort – Part 8 – The End

“What’s the matter honey?”

Krystal leaned in to hear above the music and noise. As the coaster reached the bottom of the loop Amber unloaded all over Krystal’s new outfit she had worn for her first trip to Disney World.

Krystal looked down at the bits of crab and other assorted chunks from lunch. Horrified by what she was looking at she wasn’t expecting the smell that assaulted her nostrils and before she could lean forward she had added her own lunch to the mess.

Looking on in horror Amber sat with her hand over her mouth, oblivious to the twists and turns of the ride. Reaching the end of the line Bubba and Boudreaux turned to share their exhilaration with the girls. Both of them were stunned into wide-eyed silence by the sight of Krystal.

Scrambling off the ride Amber began apologizing profusely as the other riders stared in horror then quickly moved toward the exit. Boudreaux helped Krystal off the ride and as he tried to escort her out she pulled away from him and ran.

They all followed as she headed for the nearest restroom. Amber tried to follow her in but Boudreaux held her back and told her it wouldn’t be a good idea. Krystal emerged twenty minutes later, her clothes soaked from her efforts to rid herself of the collective lunch.

“Oh, sweetheart, that’s horrible. I’m glad you managed to get it all off. You know what, that outfit didn’t look good on you anyway. I’ll buy you another one.”

As Amber put her hand over her mouth in horror Boudreaux deduced he’d said the wrong thing but it was too late. Krystal let loose with a string of expletives and beat him about the head with her purse and then fled.

Confusion reigned supreme for several minutes, the men looking at each other in bewilderment, Amber blubbering for all she was worth. Boudreaux gathered his wits, such as they were, and suggested they go in search of her. They looked everywhere and finally decided to head for the parking lot. Boudreaux had given her the car keys to hold in her purse and had a bad feeling.

When they got to where they had parked his worst suspicion was confirmed. The car was gone. There was a note under the windshield wiper on Bubba’s truck and when he read it Boudreaux’s shoulders slumped. They drove back in silence and Bubba dropped Amber off at her house and told her he’d see her later.

When they got to Bubba’s place the car was there but Krystal and her luggage were gone. The number for a taxi company was scrawled on a piece of paper by the phone. On a second piece of paper was a note to Beaudreaux.

‘I’ve gone home. Stay where you are.”

Bubba slapped Boudreaux on the back. “Come on good buddy. There ain’t but one thing to do.”

Boudreaux followed Bubba out to the truck and they drove to a strip club and ordered shots and beers. Bubba enjoyed the entertainment; Boudreaux stared at his beer bottle, looking more dejected by the minute. At last he looked over at Bubba.

“I just don’t get it, Bubba. I did my best to give her a vacation she’ll never forget.”

Bubba nodded. “Well, I think you sure did that for a fact.”

Boudreaux shook his head. “I just don’t understand women. What do they want?”

Bubba snorted and drained his beer. “Hell, Boudreaux, that’s your problem right there. You ought not to go askin’ questions like that.”

Boudreaux nodded and ordered two more shots and beers.

The End


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