A Man Of Honour

Everything is a matter of honour really. Oh, and integrity. Don’t matter for nothing what a man does for a crust or how he conducts himself in the social world as long as he has integrity. See, if you have integrity, honour follows. That’s a fact. Me, I’m a honourable guy. Everyone knows that.

Now, I’m not the sort of guy that society regards in those terms, but I’ve given things a lot of thought, and you know what? Society is mostly composed of imbeciles. So what do I care what a bunch of imbeciles think of me? I’m a man of honour. That’s what’s important.

So here I am outside of Manny’s house at two in the morning. Sometimes you gotta do things that aren’t convenient when you have integrity. Most people don’t know and don’t care. Fuck ‘em.

See, I’m here to complete a contract. It’s one of those contracts that regular Joes don’t know much about and wouldn’t approve of. The kind that can get you sent to the can for a long time. That is, if you get caught, which I never do.

It’s a cold night here in the Bronx. I shoulda worn a couple more layers, but now it don’t matter so much. I’m warming up as I watch the house burn. Maybe I should explain that.

See, Manny contracted me to burn the house down on account of he got a tip the police were closing in and it’s too risky to remove the, um, incriminating stuff. Yeah, well, anyway, he wanted me to torch it so’s they wouldn’t have a case against him. Paid me up front, which he always does because I’ve done contracts for him for yonks. Manny knows I’m a man of honour.

I used to think Manny was a man of honour, but there’s some things a man of honour just don’t do without a good reason. Like, for instance, sleeping with a friend’s woman. I mean, what’s up with that? If the guy isn’t treatin’ her right, that’s one thing. In that case you have a little heart to heart with him. Put the word on him, you know?

I always treated my woman right. Manny knows that. So when I found out this morning all this time she’s been comin’ home late is on account of she’s bangin’ Manny, well, I had to do some thinkin’.

See, first and foremost I had to honour my contract. To keep my integrity, you see? Manny wanted the place torched, so I torched it. True, I did it twenty-four hours early, but there were whatcha call extenuating circumstances. As in, they’re in there now doin’ the deed. Well, they were anyway. Now they’re good and crispy. What matters is that I honoured my contract. Because I’m a man of integrity. Besides, now Manny doesn’t have to worry about the cops anymore, you know?


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