A Hip Replacement

Checking her look in the mirror Cheri made a slight adjustment to her boob tube, a bit more cleavage surely wouldn’t go amiss, and hiked her miniskirt a smidge. A girl on the prowl needed to be daring.

Selecting a shade of lipstick two stops past cherry red and a little cornflower blue eye shadow and she figured her look was complete. Still, she couldn’t resist some strategically placed Tabu perfume for insurance.

She blew a kiss at her reflection. “You are one hot momma and don’t you forget it!”

Tonight Darren was going to get the picture. Two long years she had been going out with him and it had been fine, no really, but at twenty-two she was coming into her own and all of her efforts to remake him had been for naught. It was time to ditch Darren and see what life had to offer the new Cheri. It was New Year’s Eve, 1979. A whole new decade was upon them.

Sometimes you just needed to take the bull by the, um…horns. Yeah, that was it. She was a beautiful butterfly coming out its shell thingy, that’s what. She was gonna rock the Kasbah. Well, the club was called The Inferno, but whatever.

Picking out some suitable stiletto heels, hot pink to match her tube top, she did another quick turn in front of the mirror, gave herself thumbs up and went to check the address of the club. She told Darren she would meet him there at 11:30. A glance at the clock told her she’d better get a move on if she wanted to get there in time to generate some interest so she’d be ready when Darren arrived.

Arriving at the club she parked her car and checked out the people hanging around out front. The girls were the usual slags. None of them could hold a candle to her, like, for sure. The guys ranged from hopeless hipster wannabes to a bit of all right. She eyed up a tall bit of spunk with an adorable curl in the middle of his forehead as she went in.

Encouraged by the looks she was getting she swayed up to the bar and ordered a Fuzzy Navel. Peach schnapps was soooo yummy. She sucked on the straw suggestively as she found a convenient column to lounge against and wait.

It didn’t take long for Mister Right to home in on her. She felt her cheeks flush as he flashed a wicked, winning smile on approach. His baby blue silk shirt was a match for her eye shadow and it was unbuttoned half way down revealing a braided gold chain and rock hard pecs without a trace of hair, just the way she liked. The bulge enhancing black pants completed the ensemble.

“Hey there gorgeous, tell me something, did it hurt?”

Batting her eyelashes at him she smiled and inquired, “Did what hurt?”

“When you fell from Heaven.”

He was suave. He was hip. As her heart skipped a beat she breathed, “Not at all.”

“My name is Gordon. I see you like Fuzzy Navels. Let me get you another.”

She was almost salivating as she watched him walk to the bar. He would do, for sure. She gave him a smile that left no doubt when he returned. They retired to a quiet booth away from prying eyes and got better acquainted. Darren had been glaring several minutes before they noticed.

“Cheri, what the hell is this?”

She gave him a coy look. “Oh, hi Darren.”

Gordon didn’t like the scene. “Hey, loser, get lost. Can’t you see we’re busy here?”

Darren grabbed her wrist and Gordon was on him in a flash. When he was done Darren was in a bad state of disrepair.

Gordon, pumped and ready grabbed Cheri’s arm. “Come on baby, I know a better way to ring in the new year.”

They walked out of the club arm in arm. Cheri’s face was lit up like a dime store window. Her new life was just beginning.

3 responses to “A Hip Replacement

  1. you know what?

    Hip replacement…I thought it was going to be about…og never mind, I’ll just do the face palm in private! LOL!

    I liked the story, I mean that girl Cheri and her story…that could be the beginning of some good story for sure!!

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