Burying The Hatchet – Part 1

Sometimes you don’t think everything through and it’s no big deal. Other times it can be annoying. Like now for instance. See, I’m sittin’ here wanting to get in to my apartment so I can pick up some stuff and get the hell out of Dodge.

No can do. The cops have got my place staked out. For the life of me I don’t know how they got onto me so fast. If I’d packed my stuff before I did the deed that got them staking me out I’d be long gone. Now I gotta wait.

No matter, gives me time to relive the satisfaction of settling things with Jonny. See, today was the day him and me were gonna get things straight between us. Work it all out; make a fresh start and what. I tell ya, if I hadn’t stopped in to the Stone Rose for a beer this afternoon it would all be different right now.

I was sitting at the bar, had Journey on the jukebox; everything was copasetic as my old man used to say. I was lookin’ sharp too. Every hair in place and my new black leather jacket just shoutin’ stud. Couple of the ladies was checkin’ me out but I had things to do, people to see.  A man’s gotta have his priorities straight before he lets other things get straight if you get my drift.

Anyways, Ralphie comes boppin’ in and parks it right next to me. Asks me what’s up. Hey Ralphie, I says. Goin’ ta see Jonny pretty soon. Mend some fences. Now Ralphie had this shit eatin’ grin on his puss like he does most of the time but as soon as I tell him the plan I see his smile flicker and then he gets a tic in his left eye.

Now I’ve known Ralphie since we were kids. Something wasn’t right.

So I says to him, “Hey Ralphie, what’s the buzz?”

He tries to wave it off and takes a long pull on his beer. I’m not goin’ for it. I tell him to spill or else. Ralphie knows when I say or else I mean it.

“Um, well, okay Stan, but don’t get pissed off at me, okay?”

I nod.

“You know I respect your old lady, Stan. But, um…well, I saw her at this road house out by the highway Tuesday night and she was…well…she was…”

“Hangin’ with her sister?”

“Not exactly Stan. She was with Jonny.”

He mumbled the last part into his beer but I caught it. I shouldn’t have grabbed his neck so hard but I was more than a little pissed off. He spilled his beer and I bought him another one.

“I’m sorry Stan,” he spluttered. “I was gonna tell ya anyway but when you said you were gonna see Jonny…”

“Yeah, okay. You sure she was “with” him?”

He averted his eyes. “Yeah, she was. There was no doubt.”

“Well then, I guess I got some thinkin’ to do. See ya around Ralphie.”

I headed out to my car and sat watching the traffic and thinking things through. I remembered something Jonny had said on the phone when he called me about workin’ things out.

I decided he was right, it was the thing to do. I headed home to get the necessaries.

Part 2 Tomorrow


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