Burying The Hatchet – Part 2 – The End

I was glad I had some time to think before the meeting. See, me and Jonny go back a long ways. High school actually. We used to do shakedowns together. Dealt some dope too. We were doin’ so good we both decided to lose the whole school thing. I mean; it just wasn’t our bag. We quit school on the same day and never looked back.

Our parents didn’t like it so we moved in together and vowed to watch each other’s backs from then on, which we did for a long time. Then about a year ago we had a falling out over a dame, which is kinda funny when I think about it. Seems dames are our weak point.

Anyways, we parted company. Mostly we stayed out of each other’s way out of respect. We ended up at the same party last weekend and when I saw he was there I was gonna leave but he came over to me and started talkin’ about how we should make amends. Told me he had this sweet deal lined up and it was the sort of thing he’d only want to do with me.

I was touched, I tell ya. So this was the night we were to sit down together and talk it all out and start fresh. Yeah, that’s what I thought anyway. I had to wonder why he’d gone after my woman. I mean it was a woman that came between us in the first place.

You know, it don’t pay to try to figure things like that out, that’s what experience has taught me. You just have to work with what is. I grabbed my bag and headed to the car. It was time for our meeting.

We had planned to meet in a little club on the edge of town. A place we used to hang back in the old days. Quiet, out of the way, a good place to sort things out. I parked around the corner and checked the street as I headed for the door. I saw Jonny’s car parked out front.

I sling my bag over my shoulder and shove the door open. Just the bartender and two others guys. I see Jonny sittin’ in a booth at the back. He had a shot and a beer in front of him and a cigarette hangin’ out of the corner of his mouth. Same ol’ Jonny. I give him the nod and slide into the opposite seat, puttin’ my bag between my feet.

“Hey Stan, how’s tricks?” he says to me.

I tell him I’m good and order a beer. He takes a drag on his smoke and then crushes it out. I can see he’s thinkin’ how to start the ball rollin’. He looks up and me and smiles.

“Stan, I want ya ta know I’m really sorry about what happened last year. I been thinkin’, it was real stupid. It shouldn’t never have happened.”

I nod. “You’re right Jonny. Why’d we let a woman come between us?”

Jonny shrugs and leans in. “It’s history, pal. Like I told you, I want to make a new start. Let bygones be bygones, ya know?”

“I hear what you’re sayin’ Jonny. You wanna put the past behind us. Bury the hatchet.”

“See, I knew you’d understand. That’s what I want. Let’s bury the hatchet.”

I reached down into my bag and grabbed the handle and brought it up quick smart and did just that. Boy did I. It must have gone four inches into his head. He didn’t even make a sound. Just sat there with his eyes poppin’ out.

I got up and walked out without lookin’ back.

So like I said, now I’m sittin’ here waitin’ for the cops to take a powder so I can get my stuff and hightail it out of here. You gotta think things through.

The End


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