Unseen Tides – Part 2

“Sounds like a rough day babe. Tell me about the phone call.”

Marsha had listened patiently to her litany, beginning with the strange fortune cookie.

“The phone rang so loud I burned my hand making myself a cup of tea. The message he left was foul. I don’t even want to repeat it.”

“Heavy breather stuff?”

“Even worse. It was graphic.”

“I’m sorry Jan. How about if we have coffee tomorrow and then do some shopping?”

“Sounds good. Say around ten at McMillan’s?”

“I’ll be there. You take it easy and make it an early night.”

Hanging up the phone Jan sighed and shook her head. Perhaps it was just a series of coincidences. Just a bad day and nothing more. She busied herself with housework and by late afternoon she had put it all out of her mind.

As she was cooking dinner the phone rang and she felt trepidation as she lifted the receiver.


“Hello! Am I speaking to Janet Winslow?”

“Yes. How may I help you?”

“Janet, congratulations. You’ve won first prize in the Lotman Travel Agency draw.”

“The what?”

“You filled out an entry form when you were at our shop inquiring about a cruise in February. You’re the winner of the draw. We just need to confirm your address and we’ll be sending you a check for $500!”

“Oh my. This is…well it’s wonderful. Thank you!”

She confirmed her details and hung up the phone. What a wonderful end to the day. Something positive at last. Later on she had dinner and watched a couple of television shows and then went to bed.

The next morning she was up bright and early and feeling good. She couldn’t wait to tell Marsha about her good luck. A quick breakfast and she was showered and dressed and ready to go.

She walked into McMillan’s to find Marsha waiting.

“Hey, girl, how’s it going?”

“Well now, you’re in a chipper mood.”

“Yeah, you’ll never guess what happened last night!”

“You got lucky down at the local?”

Jan rolled her eyes. “I wish. No, I won a draw at this travel agency I went to a couple of months ago. First prize, five hundred dollars!”

“Wow! You go girl.”

They ordered coffee and caught up on gossip.

“So anyway, Jan, you’re feeling better about all that stuff that happened?”

“Yeah, I guess. I still wonder about this weird fortune though.”

She took it out of her purse and showed it to Marsha.

“Yeah, that’s odd. Fortune cookies are usually pretty upbeat or silly.”

“I know. It’s just so strange, first the cookie and then all those things happening. Did I tell you about my waiter?”

“He said something to you about the fortune?”

“Well, I always ask him what he thinks my fortune will be. It’s a little game we play. This time, though, he told I needed to be vigilant and then all that stuff happened.”

“Hmm…well, maybe after we shop we should have lunch there and you can ask him what he meant.”

Jan thought about it. “Okay, I guess. I was going to ask him yesterday but I decided it would be silly.”

“But then all this stuff happened, right? Look, just ask him and you can at least clear up that much.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Come on, let’s go shop.”

They headed for the high street and enjoyed the morning the sun as they walked.

Part 3 Tomorrow

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