Unseen Tides – Part 5

“Hello, Jan speaking.”

Silence. She knew it had to be the caller from the night before. Anger overtook her in a flash.

“What’s the matter, can’t say it live? Need the answering machine to take over before you can be brave?”

“You have no idea what’s coming bitch.”

“Yeah? Well neither do you asshole. I know who you are and you’re in for a surprise.”

The line went dead. She stared at the phone in shock. What had come over her? This was more stressful than she had let herself realize. She felt good about standing up to him. Maybe that last bit would scare him off. Still, she would find a private detective and have the man at the restaurant followed. It had to be the same guy.

She concentrated on the sound of his voice. It was not familiar at all. How had he gotten her phone number? How did he know where she ate lunch most every day? She shuddered as realization washed over her. He must know where she lived. That’s how he was able to follow her.

She got up and went to the windows and drew the blinds after a quick look outside. There was no one on the street and the only cars parked there were ones she knew. She went back to the television. She was feeling hungry and had forgotten about ordering in. She picked up the phone and ordered a pizza and then lost herself in one of her favourite shows.

On the other side of town a man was sitting on the bed in his shabby motel room seething. The bitch was a lot stroppier then he had counted on. It didn’t matter. He would do what needed doing. He shook it off and decided to call home.

He took out his phone and hit the number on speed dial.

“Hi honey. Just wanted to check in before I grab some dinner. I miss you.”

“Oh, I miss you too darling. How are the business meetings going?”

“Not bad. I’ll be home soon, I promise.”

He hung up and dropped the phone in his pocket. He needed to wrap matters up soon. His business was on the edge of collapse and if he didn’t get some money coming in soon it would all be over. He looked at the clock and decided he would plan his next move over dinner. Grabbing his trench coat he headed out the door. Over dinner an idea came to him and he grinned.

When the doorbell rang Jan was startled but she knew it had to be her pizza. She went to the door.

“Who is it?”

“Pizza delivery for Jan.”

She opened the door a crack to make sure and then swung it wide.

“I’ll just get my purse.”

She paid and took the pie to the coffee table. Maybe a DVD would be in order. She had rented one a few days ago and hadn’t watched it yet. She got herself a glass of wine, put the movie in and settled back to forget about life for a while.

An hour and half later, sated and drowsy, she took herself off to bed. The next morning she got up and showered and went out to get the newspaper from the mailbox. When she opened it and reached in she jerked her hand back and then bent down to look in.

There was a fortune cookie sitting on top of the paper.

Part 6 Tomorrow

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