Unseen Tides – Part 6

Her mouth dry, her hands shaking she picked up the fortune cookie and then the paper and headed back in the house. She was about to open the cookie but decided not to. She put it aside and made herself some breakfast then got online to look for a private detective.

Finding a likely looking web site she picked up the phone and rang him.

“Burroughs Agency, how may I help?”

“Yes, hello. I’m in need of a detective. I’m being stalked by someone I don’t know.”

“Okay, I can help you with that. What’s your name?”

She gave him her details and he told her what his hourly charges would be along with charges for anything he might need to do the job. She agreed to everything and he told her he would be over in an hour to check out her place.

When he arrived he looked around the house and then asked her to tell him the whole story. She looked him over as she related everything that had happened. He was short and balding but well dressed and came across as very professional and calm. She decided she would trust him. She told him everything and then showed him the unopened cookie. He told her to open it. She read it and handed it to him.

“Wow. How dramatic. ‘Rip tides are deadly. Yours is coming.”

Jan felt sick to her stomach.

“Okay, well, I think you need to have lunch at this Chinese place today. Go alone. I’ll be there too. When you see this guy I want you to take a sip of tea and point in his direction with you little finger, you got that?”

She nodded and let out a big sigh.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be on to him. I’ll follow him and find out who he is and give you a call and we’ll take it from there. You can’t go to the police until we get something on him.”

He left reassuring her it would all be over soon. She took a shower and got dressed. It was time to go downtown. When she got there she parked in a garage not far from the restaurant and looked over her shoulder frequently as she made her way there.

She walked inside and couldn’t help looking around. Kenny saw her and waved her to her usual table.

“Hi Kenny. Has the man who looks at me been in yet?”

“No Miss Jan, I haven’t seen him. I’ll let you know if he comes in.”

He took her order and went away. As he brought her tea she glanced at the door and saw the detective come in and take a seat not far from her. He sat faceing the door and waited for a menu. He didn’t look at her once.

Kenny served Jan her lunch and she tried to behave normally as she ate. When she was done Kenny came over to clear her dishes.

“He didn’t come in today. Maybe he won’t bother you anymore.”

“I don’t know Kenny.”

“There is a man over there. Something about him makes me think he knows you.”

“It’s all right Kenny. I hired him.”

“Oh. Maybe that’s why the other man is not here.”

As she left she shrugged at the detective and headed for her car.

Across the street from the garage a man watched her. He was scowling and clenching his fists. So she’s hired a detective. She thought I wouldn’t notice he thought to himself. Does she really think that will stop me? He walked to his car and drove away with a grin on his face.

Part 7 Tomorrow

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