Unseen Tides – Part 8

“Can you feel it coming? The tide is turning against you. Your time is up.”

That was it. He was taunting her. She was staring at the machine transfixed when the doorbell rang. So startled she let out a small scream she clamped her hand over her mouth and moved to the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, George. Did I scare you? I’m sorry.”

She opened the door and let him in.

“No, it’s just, well, yes, I was scared. There’s a message on the machine. I just listened to it.”

George went over and listened to the message.

“This is one sick bastard. He seems be more interested in scaring you than actually doing anything. Still, he’ll probably call again. I’m going to put a tap in place now. I realized when I got to my car I had the gear in the trunk, that’s why I’m here sooner than I thought I would be.”

He set to work and when he was done he explained how it would work.

“I don’t need to be here. The apparatus will begin a trace whenever you pick up the phone. If it’s not him you can push this button and it will stop the trace. If it is him I need you to keep him on the line for at least two minutes, otherwise the trace won’t complete.”

“Okay, thanks. I doubt he’ll call again today. What about tomorrow? Should I go have lunch at Lee Ho Fooks?”

“Yes, I think you should. I won’t go, I think you’re right about him being on to me. If he does show go to the ladies room and call me. I’ll be there in no time. I’ll wait outside until he leaves and follow him. All you have to do is tell me what he’s wearing when you call.”

Across town the man arrived back at his motel room. His mind made up about the final move he decided to call his wife and let her know when he would be home.

“Hi honey, just checking in. I miss you.”

“I miss you too. Are you wrapping up there?”

“Sure am. I’ll be home tomorrow night.”

“Great. Is it going well?”

“Yeah, it is. Nothing to worry about. I’ll see you soon.”

He hung up and lay back on the bed to think. Too bad it had to come to this. There was no other way. It’s not that he had anything against his wife’s cousin but she had inherited all that money and the house and he was struggling to make ends meet. His wife was her next of kin and when she died it would all come to them and he could save his business and they’d be on easy street. It was only fair. Taunting her was just payback. Had she offered them anything? No; not a damn thing. This was how it had to be.

Jan did her best to remain calm after George left but she had the feeling if anything was going to happen it would happen soon. Maybe the bastard would call again and she could keep him on the phone long enough to get a trace.

Not very hungry when dinnertime came she got some leftovers out and sat down to watch her shows until she was tired enough to fall asleep. The phone did not ring again and she decided it was just as well.

When closing time came at Lee Ho Fooks Kenny went to the owner and asked if he could have a few hours off the next day as he had some business to attend to. When he got home he sat up for a while thinking and finally made up his mind. He turned in and slept peacefully.

Tomorrow – Part 9 – The End

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